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The SportyFi platform is on track for a Q1 2018 launch


After the successful conclusion of the Sportyfi Token Crowdsale a new set of challenges lies ahead of the team – to deliver the platform to the sports community mere months after the crowdsale. The alpha version of the platform is currently in the process of internal testing and will enter the beta phase with in February, while the final launch of the platform is scheduled for March 2018.

SPF Tokens are listed on several exchanges already, helping SportyFi receive visibility and recognition among crypto investors who missed out on the crowdsale. The SPF Token is currently listed on three exchanges (HitBTC, ChaoEX and, with more exchanges following in the following weeks.

While the SportyFi corporate headquarters is based in London, UK, most of the team moved into new offices in January, set in Ljubljana, Slovenia, probably the city with the largest per capita crypto community in the world. This will enable Sportyfi to scout for talent in a rich crypto ecosystem, ensuring that the best people will join the project.

SportyFi aims to create a decentralized sports investment ecosystem, connecting small investors and up-and-coming athletes and democratizing the $1.3 trillion sports industry by deploying a blockchain-based financing platform, enabling a wider community to invest in athletes at the most crucial point in their career – when they are working on that first big breakthrough which will make them a pro.

The SportyFi team is advised by several notable personalities from the cryptocurrency and finance world, including Charlie Shrem, Joseph Weinberg, and Peter M. Moricz, and counts World Cup and Champions League winners Roberto Carlos and Ronaldinho Gáucho, ski jumping legend Noriaki Kasai, former NBA player Primoz Brezec, and other Olympians and sports legends among their ambassadors and supporters.

Need more details? Check out the SportyFi Website or read the SportyFi Whitepaper. And come chat with them on Telegram.

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