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The SmartHoldem ICO is Live – Establishes a New Paradigm in Online Poker Gaming – World’s First Decentralized Multi-Architectural Gaming Platform & Poker-Room on BlockChain


SmartHoldem is an independent, zoomed gaming platform with a set of protocols to ensure the integrity and reliability of data storage, where all network members do not need to trust each other or anyone. The platform is secured by a reliable distributed database with the latest encryption and data verification technologies.

The SmartHoldem ICO ushers in a new paradigm in how people will approach online gaming forever. The entire concept of playing poker in online poker rooms is changed. Imagine owning a share in a large Casino and reaping a share of the profits. This is exactly what is the plan for token holders of the SmartHoldem Poker Platform. No longer will the game be controlled by a few powerful people who can manipulate the numbers. Now, a new era of fairness is the result of incorporating blockchain technology into the online poker arena.

A special SmartHoldem Blockchain has been developed which prioritizes privacy, high-speed, security, and true decentralization. This creates a platform owned by everyone and controlled by everyone. No need to rely on third party controllers. They intentionally created this from the ground up to be a stable, progressive BlockChain to generate SmartHoldem tokens, thus eliminating the problems of Bitcoin and later systems and providing additional native functions of the decentralized GameClient, P2P gaming network and new technologies.

The SmartHoldem Blockchain Main Features:

  • Fast Transactions: Thousands of transactions per second.
  • Reliability and Safety: All operations are protected by cryptographic algorithms and blockchain.
  • Popular Dev Languages: Write plug-ins and services in the ecosystem in any programming language.
  • Scalability: Unlimited scalability in speed and functions.

The SmartHoldem Gaming Platform Features Everything you wanted to see in the gaming era of the future:

  • Trading Platform: Quick and convenient exchange of assets and game items.
  • Multiplayer Integration: Network of platform servers, connect your games to decentralized gaming servers.
  • Global Game Client: All your games in a single game client.
  • Rapid Transactions: BlockChain supports thousands of operations per second.
  • Gaming Studios: Simple integration of game developers into the ecosystem. Advanced API and SDK.
  • Multi-Monetization: The platform supports various types of monetization for developers and investors.
  • Cross Platforms: Develop games for all popular gaming platforms with SmartHoldem: XBox, Android, *Nix, Mac OS, IOS, Sony PS, Win.
  • Develop Games in Popular IDES: Support modules for popular gaming IDE Unity 3D 5 & Unreal Engine 4. Connect your games without intermediaries.

While many ICO’s are launched on a hope and a dream, SmartHoldem has industry experience and working prototypical GameChains and Algorithms to integrate with privately developed blockchain technology. The ROI for token holders has the possibilities of reaching new heights because this is a self-perpetuating crypto ecosystem.

For complete information: – View the SmartHoldem Whitepaper here.

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