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Slots vs Crash Games – Which one is Best?


When it comes to fast-paced gambling it is hard to beat the speed found with slots and crash games. Rounds and spins are quick with instant prizes for the lucky. So which form of entertainment offers the ultimate thrill ride – slots or crash games? You might think slots have an unfair advantage since they have been around for so long. This is true, but it hasn’t stopped the newest kid on the block, crypto games, from making huge eaves already. We take both of these games apart piece by piece to discover exactly what makes them so compelling. By doing so, the magic will be revealed, and by the end, we may have found the most thrilling roller coaster for your betting fiat or cryptocurrency.

The Mighty Slot

Visit any fiat or bitcoin casino, and it is instantly clear that slots are king! They almost always always make up the bulk of any casino’s gaming line up. Why is that? For one thing, there is only so much you can do with table games, though Evolution Gaming does manage to come up with innovations. When it comes to slots though, there is no limit to how they can be presented! This is one of their main allures for both players and developers. Any theme can be a created, and coming up with new ideas means that slots will always feel fresh.

Presently, this is one thing that crash games are unable to compete with. If it is limitless themes, being whisked away to one fantastic world after another, it is hard to beat slots! You have to hand it to developers; they are pushing boats out in all sorts of different directions. Players never quite know what to expect next in terms of bonuses, immersion, and effects. However, even slots aren’t perfect, and there are some things that crash games can do that they cannot.

The Plucky Crash Games

Now onto the cryptocurrency gambling upstart – crash games. At first glance, it might not seem that these two gaming styles have much in common. At their core though, there are as many similarities as there are differences. For one, the playability of crash games is off the chart. Rounds come at a blistering pace while still allowing players time to place their bets. Graphically, crash games don’t compete with slots. In saying that, some like Rocketpot do stand out. This is one crash game that is pushing the software to its limit and is pleasing to the eye. When crash games are in play, the tension can be just as intense as anything from the slot world. Both games get on some unbelievable rolls that can result in substantial wins. However, there are several areas where crash games and bitcoin games, in general, win out over slots. The first is anonymity and safety. There is no need to upload personal or bank details meaning hackers cannot steal your identity. The other benefit is that crash games are super social. While users play and plan their next move, they are constantly sending group messages to each other via the chatbox. For fast-paced, safe and social gambling, crash games have an undeniable edge.


So who is the winner? The gambling public, of course! Both forms offer something slightly different that the other one cannot. If you are in the mood for cutting edge graphics set in some bizarre fantasy world, then slots are the one. If you would prefer some anonymous company to chat while you try your luck, then crash games are the answer. As always, stick to those all-important bankrolls and have fun whichever one you try.

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