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Singapore will host Satoshi United BlockChain Conference on June 26-27


On June 26-27, Singapore will host Satoshi United BlockChain Conference, one of the first grand celebration conference dedicated to blockchain technology, cryptocurrencies, and ICOs.

For the first time things are not going only right but heading left as well i.e. its not just about conference hall with 20+ speakers, workshops, exhibition halls but to a new aspect of celebration at private yachts to private club parties, networking dinners to after parties.

Main Hall with 20+ Paneled Speakers , Breakaway rooms for workshops,exhibition area, yacht parties, club parties, networking dinner, afterparties, award shows will involve leading crypto companies that will present their latest solutions.

Join them for a two-day long celebration where we lay back on our beanbags whilst sipping on beers from the bar and enjoying the keynotes.

One Of a kind conference, where we lay back on our beanbags whilst sipping on beers from the bar and enjoying the keynotes.

Exclusive sundowner party is organised on the end of day-01 event making sure no stone is left unturned to offer unending platforms for networking and celebration in swim suits at a private yacht.

As its about celebrating the achievements, the award nights are not just any other award nights but with exciting monetary awards of worth $150,000.00 in total.

They will also be organising exclusive club night after-parties to further build investor relations, socialize and have an ideal “Un-Conference” experience on day -02

This is not where it end, for the very first time, Pitcher Perfect Pitch opportunity is launched, where new startups will be given opportunity to pitch about their product in 300 seconds

If you were dreaming about this kind of a conference, This is it.

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