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Simplex integrates with Polkadot, enabling millions to purchase DOT with a credit or debit card or via bank transfer


Licensed financial institution, Simplex, is adding Polkadot to its growing list of supported cryptocurrencies available to its wider partner network that includes crypto exchanges, wallets, and brokers. Integrating DOT ensures millions of people can purchase this asset with a credit or debit card, Apple Pay, or via bank transfer, conveniently and securely. Bringing the Polkadot ecosystem to more people is another element that confirms Simplex’s mission to make cryptocurrencies more accessible to everyone, everywhere. 

Purchasing or investing in cryptocurrencies can remain a challenging task, even in 2021. Simplex, who pioneers global on/offramps for the entire crypto ecosystem, is determined to end this stigma. Through their debit and credit card gateways, as well as bank transfer methods, billions across the globe can purchase cryptocurrencies through Simplex’s partners with ease. By empowering a growing network of partners to accept various payment methods, Simplex provides a zero-risk solution for partners and consumers alike. 

More importantly, Simplex supports hundreds of fiat currencies and enables the purchase of over 50 cryptocurrencies through its network of partners. Adding Polkadot (DOT) to the list of supported assets brings the world one step closer to mass cryptocurrency acquisition and adoption. 

Polkadot is a network of connected layer one blockchains that share security, rather than dividing it in a winner-take-all fashion. This is made possible through  Polkadot’s  approach to sharded multichain technology, which allows assets and data to be transferred across different chains in a seamless, scalable manner.   DOT, its native token, has  three specific functions in the network :

  • Network governance by the community
  • Providing and securing network operations through staking
  • Securing parachains (interoperable blockchains) through bonding

Polkadot has grown substantially  in the past few months, showing the project continues to gain popularity among developers and investors alike. Users can purchase DOT with their debit/credit card, Apple Pay, or through Simplex’s Banking solution via any Simplex partner. 

About Simplex

As an EU licensed financial institution and Principal Member of the Visa network, Simplex provides seamless and risk-free on/offramp solutions to anyone, anywhere via its vast network of industry-leading partners that include digital asset exchanges, wallets, and brokers. With a mission to democratize access to crypto for users worldwide, Simplex’s Banking solution simplifies the buying and selling of crypto assets and helps users easily capitalize on market trends swiftly, to purchase how and when they want. 

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