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Simple Is Best – Slogan of Online Exchange Service Switchere


The crypto market has witnessed the birth of one of the most promising and intuitive online crypto exchanges – Switchere. That is a universal spot for buying crypto fast, securely, at moderate prices and with no sign up for first buys.

Primarily, Switchere is a fully licensed and regulated fiat-to-crypto exchange service provider with all necessary certificates. The website was created with a prime focus on accessibility, speedy and qualitative order delivery and maximum efficiency. All interested in buying crypto can make their first crypto purchasing without any registration or verification. This way people can test the functionality of the website and flawless order execution.

The exchange rates for buying crypto are significantly lower as compared with other similar competitors. Switchere does not charge any hidden fees and maintains impeccable reputation on the crypto arena.

What is more, there is an excellent opportunity to make passive income — Switchere runs 2-Level Referral Program, where all interested in generating extra revenue can do it easily by popularizing the Switchere exchange services on websites, via social media networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.), blogs, online video marketing (YouTube, in particular). Get Referral Rewards (80% for Level 1 and 10% for Level 2) LIFETIME and withdraw profit in the major currency BTC at any time it is deemed necessary.

About Switchere

Switchere is an up-and-coming fiat-to-crypto exchange service provider headquartered in Estonia. Irrespective of it novice status on the crypto market, it is firmly establishing itself as a reliable service provider that maintains all regulatory requirements. Its core advantages are accreditation and licensing, fast onboarding, fair pricing and high spending limits for verified platform users, intuitive user interface and frontline customer care services available 24/7.

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