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Silicon Valley Startup Bootcamp Residents Get More Time to Boost Online Traction Before April 2021


The decision-making behind the rescheduling of Silicon Valley Startup Bootcamp event brought new opportunities for the program residents, emphasizing on leveraging online connections and networking traction with VCs & CVCs before the actual offline event in April 2021. 

InnMind, the largest digital European ecosystem for startups & investors, on behalf of Draper University and the rest of the organizational team has announced the change in the dates of Silicon Valley Startup Bootcamp program – a 5-day startup acceleration & networking event in Catalonia, Spain. The decision was made to postpone the event to April 2021 based on the travel restriction predictions connected to covid-19 pandemic and safety regulations.

The organizers remain optimistic as the amount of online activities dramatically increased since more freshmen on board of the Bootcamp are gaining traction thanks to the power of InnMind digital ecosystem, which is now becoming the new   source of gold before the offline event takes place. To help startups to gain vital traction in business development & fundraising already now, without any delay, InnMind opens the doors to the following activities for all Startup Bootcamp residents:

  • Pre-event online acceleration support;
  • Access to dedicated online workshops & close webinars focused on fundraising, sales, startup valuation, marketing and scaling in startups;
  • Mentorship sessions with international mentors from Draper U, InnMind and other partners;
  • Participation in online Shark Tank Pitching Sessions with investors & VCs;
  • Participation in the open calls launched by Corporate Venture Capital Divisions and opportunities to negotiate pilot integrations;
  • Access to the benefits of PRO membership on InnMind platform;
  • And many others!

Apart from the special online dedicated support, InnMind maintains the special terms for female entrepreneurs with a focus on diversity within startup teams as well as for Catalonia-based startup projects, the initiative that is heavily supported by i2cat foundation, the Government of Catalonia and FEDER directed at supporting and further stimulating the local ecosystem of entrepreneurs within the scope of Silicon Valley Startup Bootcamp program.

“Barcelona is at the forefront in the Spanish startup ecosystem, and that is true not only for the amount of startups but also for its diversity in terms of international entrepreneurs, VCs and platforms establishing professional networks, such as InnMind. Catalonia’s capital is showing healthy growth in the number of women founders that currently reaches 15% and lies slightly above the European average. Facts tell us that Barcelona appears in numerous rankings as one of the most popular destinations for European Tech talent, therefore it is safe to say that Catalonia is a great place for diverse types of entrepreneurs to seek new opportunities for business and innovation.”as recently commented Roma Jelinskaite, Investment Manager at Caixa Capital Risc

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