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Shipit Pro – The EU and the World, Finally Connected


Block Chain and Crypto are Changing the Way the EU and Surrounding Nations Tackle Global Issues.

Shipit Pro is a significant solution for a wealth of issues across Europe, and across the greater Third World. The burden of solvency is vast, and the scope is quite far-reaching, but by design, Shipit Pro is a force for good that can effectively make the world a better place while lending growth and value to all owners involved with the Shipit Pro platform, its associated crypto currency tokens, and any venture or business within any industry which Shipit Pro’s block chain creates positive impact.

How is Shipit Pro accomplishing this magnificent feat? SHPP tokens. Let’s break everything down:

There are many widespread threats which are seeking to underpin the stability of the European Union, and nations across the world. If issues like carbon tax management, cyber attacks, and other problems are not tackled with greater ease of regulatory compliance, as well as artificial intelligence-based technologies that serve consumers, citizens and end customers, economies all over the world could be in peril within the next few years.

That’s why Shipit Pro is designed to offer a cross-border e-commerce value proposition solution which can directly align and streamline CO2 tax management, and alleviate emissions

throughout the entire carbon supply chain and distribution—from route optimizations and transportation, packaging, warehouse fulfillment, waste management, POS, data collections, and much more—all while giving SHPP token owners immense growth potential.

Moreover, Shipit Pro achieves these turnkey solutions digitally through block chain without creating more lag time within supply chains, nor leaving the digitization of said supply chains open to malicious attack from hackers and cyber thieves. The use of block chain technology creates secure data flows between sellers, importers, and European Union customs authorities—while validating and maintaining data covering costs, the origin of supplies, and all transaction data; which makes regulatory compliance much simpler for all parties involved.

Meanwhile, artificial intelligence products coming from Shipit Pro will provide HS codes for customs taxation. As an eCommerce platform functioning with great versatility

across many markets, Shipit Pro will now be able to reduce delivery costs by up to 80%. Already tested as a platform and in-line environments, Shipit Pro is fully developed and entering a testing and validation phase–whereafter it will be ready to become the premier cross-border e-commerce system.

With COVID-19 changing the way the EU engages with countries all over the world, Shipit Pro is empowering the next generation solution for businesses looking to operate globally. Carbon taxes and carbon use are some of the largest problems facing our world today, and Shipit Pro, along with its block chain appropriation and crypto currency, will be the solution.

As the European Union adopts more stringent climate policies, and e-commerce suffers from cyber-attacks, Shipit Pro is here to intervene and disrupt in a positive way that makes e-commerce simple, cost-effective, and green—all while increasing standards for low costs and expedients of deliveries.

Getting involved with Shipit Pro now and staking your tokens will give power to a singular solution which will completely revolutionize and optimize global e-commerce. Your SHPP tokens will be your ticket to taking on the global problems which matter most.

Go online to and use the Shipit Pro platform to stake your SHPP tokens, today!

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