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Shanghai to host 2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit 2018


2nd Global Fintech & Blockchain China Summit 2018 will be held in Shanghai on April 12th. The event is consisting in a Main Conference, Parallel Sessions and a connected Mini Exhibition Show, with more than 800 delegates from government, associations, research institutes, traditional financial institution as well as fintech and internet finance companies, blockchain technology and industry application companies, cryptocurrency and digital asset related companies.

The blockchain summit will discuss the real application cases and future prospect of the blockchain in areas of finance, global payment system, healthcare, energy trading, digital identity authentication, electronic record authentication, IoT, supply chain management, government governance, etc, and will address the opportunities and challenges ahead. They aim to create a global network of entrepreneurs and developers in the fast-evolving blockchain economy, to explore the new business models and unrecognized opportunities in the blockchain world. The organizers are fully convinced that this summit will empower the creation of the new technology-driven financial eco-system and reconfiguration of the future by the blockchain technology.

Key Speakers:

  • David Drake, Founder & Chairman, LDJ Capital
  • Marco Robinson, CEO, Naked Technology
  • Ken Huang, CEO & Founder, Distributed Business Applications
  • Igor Chugunov, Founder & CEO, Credits
  • Joseph Wang, Founder & CEO, CryptoHWwallet
  • Maxim Chereshnev, Board Chair, Russian Trade and Ecomony Development Coucil (RTEDC)
  • Yuliya Khrenova, Adviser to International Secretary, International Decentralized Association of CryptoCurrency and Blockchain (IDACB)
  • Vishal Nigam, Chairman, Indian BlockChain Council
  • Frank Zheng, Chief Economist, World Blockchain Organization
  • Igor Perepelychnyy, CEO, Inserviss
  • Yale ReiSoleil, Chairman & CEO, IOB Fund
  • Daria Generalova, Co-Founder, ICOBox
  • Edwin Zhang, President, Fintech4Good
  • Eagle An, President, MICAI
  • Chao Gao, Founder, NewPay
  • Lukas Lu, CEO, CyberMiles & 5Miles
  • Yaniv Feldman, Co-Founder & CEO, Cointelligence
  • Juwan Lee, CEO & Founder, NexChange
  • Fulvio Dominico, CTO, Ubiatarplay
  • Darshana Ubl, Business Advisor, 4NEW
  • Senior Executive, Crypto Bazar
  • Senior Executive, HOQU
  • Senior Executive, Infinity Blockchain Labs
  • Senior Executive, BitClave
  • Senior Executive, Whitestone Coin
  • Senior Executive, Celsius Network
  • Senior Executive, Loopring
  • Senior Executive, Neuromation
  • Senior Executive,

And more speakers to be added.

Event Highlights:

  • 1000+ Professional Visitor for Exhibition
  • 800+ High Level Participants for Conference
  • 150+ Financial Services Companies
  • 80+ Fintech Innovators
  • 50+ Eminent Speakers Sharing Real Cases
  • 30+ Startups Technology Demo Show and Project Presentations
  • 80+ Top VC/PE Investors Attending
  • 50+ Media Reporting

Parallel Session: Startups Project Presentation

Awards Ceremony: Fintech & Blockchain Industry Awards 2018

Mini Show: Fintech Leaders and Startups on the Same Stage

1-on-1 Meeting with Investors: Blockchain Project Team vs Institutional Investors

Why You Should Attend:

  • Catching up with the Trend of the Global Blockchain Technology Development and Seizing the Opportunities in the Early Stage;
  • Getting the Authoritative Interpretation of Latest Policies and Regulations Regarding Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies in Various Countries;
  • Learning How to Apply Blockchain Technologies in Your Industry with Real Case Studies;
  • Networking with 500+ High Level Executives from 20+ Countries including Global Blockchain Gurus, Technology Evangelists as well as Emerging Startups in Blockchain World;
  • Showcasing Your Project and Service in front of Your Most Valuable Clients;
  • Improving your brands awareness by our media partner’s massive reporting of this event.

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