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SecurityPlusCloud Rocks Cyber Security Industry With Announcement of World’s First Cyber Security Based ICO


In a time where corporate and even government hacks seem to be more prevalent than ever, it is extremely important to protect all IT assets with the best Cyber Security software. SecurityPlusCloud is bringing an ICO to the market on Nov 1, 2017 that will forever change the face of Cyber Security backed investments.

SecurityPlusCloud made global headlines today with the announcement of their ICO that is said to be the first ever Cyber Security based Initial Coin Offering. It’s no doubt that the world is in troubled waters as pertains to online hacking as seen with the recent hacks of Experian, Target & even by enemy countries. The market for online Cyber Security is surging now more than ever.

SecurityPlusCloud has been in the Cyber Security arena for well over 20 years, with their management touting 20+ years of International Cyber Security experience. SecurityPlusCloud’s remotely Managed Security Services offers affordable, real-time protection to help organizations achieve compliance and reduce risks in the face of today’s ever-changing security threats. Their partnership with the world’s top Gartner Leading security providers enables them to offer the world’s best known security & protection for Corporate IT & SCADA Systems.

The world’s first ICO that is backed by a Cyber Security firm is highly anticipated and it is expected that it will sell out quickly after launch. The Pre-Sale for this ICO is scheduled to begin on November 1, 2017. The spokesperson for SecurityPlusCloud was quoted as saying, “We plan to establish the world’s largest Cyber Security Operations Centers in all regions around the world in order to protect them from serious online threats. It is an exciting time for this ICO because right now is critical mass for Cyber Security…and SecurityPlusCloud is ready to fill the gap with the world first Cyber Security backed ICO!”

It is certain that many industries and sectors are open to being exploited by hackers simply because management lacks a full understanding of current cyber security threats. With that being said, this ICO may be a worthwhile investment as Cyber Security is something that all companies and governments need to address. SecurityPlusCloud has 100+ Cyber Security Solutions, more than any other Cyber Security firm in the world.

They include:

  • Managed Endpoint Security
  • Managed Network Security
  • Managed Cloud Cyber Security
  • Managed Security Operations Centre
  • Governance Risk Compliance
  • Cyber Security by Australian Signals Directorate
  • Counter Cyber Terrorism
  • Cyber Security Training
  • SCADA Security
  • Hacking

Early adopters will realize a 50% savings at the ICO Token Pre-Sale. An in-depth discussion can be viewed on their website and in their Whitepaper. Smart investors are now capitalizing on the fight against the growing wave of cyber crime and you can join them.

To learn more about their Initial Coin Offering that will be launching on November 1st 2017, visit their website at

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