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Securitizing cryptos with DeHedge


Blockchain technologies are successfully conquering the fintech and cryptocurrencies markets. However, all crypto projects at this point are utterly unsecured against evident risks and heightened volatility. Developed by Skolkovo graduate and successful IPO investor Mikhail Chernov, DeHedge is the first blockchain-based project on the global cryptocurrencies market designed from the ground up specifically for securitizing investments in the blockchain technologies sector.

Presently entering its Presale stage, DeHedge makes its prime objective the guaranteeing of investments by offering insurance on acquired project tokens. The elimination of uncertainty, currently prevalent on the newborn blockchain market, is the greatest asset that DeHedge seeks to capitalize on and achieve by emerging as a safety cushion for all undecided, potential market players who have yet to realize the great benefits and untapped profit opportunities available in sensible investment into promising blockchain projects.

Many ICO projects on the market at this point are stillborn, are either developed by unscrupulous profiteers, or bear significant risks. Using a proprietary scoring model developed in collaboration with one of the largest consulting firms, DeHedge comprehensively evaluates ICOs via an unbiased and complex algorithm, assigning each project a risk and viability score. Upon choosing a project to pursue, an investor receives insurance coverage for various cases, such as project cancellation or token exchange rate instability. DeHedge’s smart contracts use substantial, already accumulated insurance reserves to ensure unwavering financial stability. Being a blockchain project, DeHedge employs smart contracts programmed to automatically pay out in case of an insured event.

Given its potential for increasing the inflow of investors onto the blockchain market, the project acts in the direction its mission statement claims – to develop the crypto economy and insure market players against risk by providing the necessary instruments they require to continue growing and developing the promising market.

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