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Second-generation currency Qora reloads with social network, voting and CCEDK exchange promo


Qora, a second-generation cryptocurrency platform that all but disappeared from sight last year, is set to make a comeback with a stunning feature-set and the support of notable Danish exchange CCEDK.

Having made a splash at the beginning of 2014, Qora, a second-generation cryptocurrency platform that promised an impressive set of 2.0 features, faltered and then crashed into obscurity. Now, with a new dev team, new marketing and further unique additions to its universal wallet, it looks set to be the phoenix of crypto.

Qora is a proof-of-stake coin that requires no miners – thereby aligning the interests of coin holders with those who secure the network. Its development roadmap included an asset exchange for crypto-stocks; aliasing (a way to associate information with strings of characters, enabling all kinds of applications including decentralised DNS registration); decentralised voting; encrypted or plain-text arbitrary messages, and more.

It was a promising start, but Qora was beset with problems. Delays open sourcing its code led to a loss of confidence and opened the door for an unpleasant misinformation campaign on bitcointalk; similarities with Nxt, another popular 2.0 platform, led to the rumour that the founder was really BCNext, Nxt’s own anonymous creator – and that the platform had not been built from scratch at all. The community dwindled, development went on hold, and ultimately Qora himself, the visionary developer who had started the project, left as well. The coin’s market cap slid from a high around $5m to just $100,000, and by the end of 2014 it was worth just a few Satoshis each.

The remnants of the community, though, were highly loyal and included some capable developers. After a period of intense uncertainty about the future, Qora was reinvigorated with a new dev team. Whereas Qora himself had focused on coding to the exclusion of all else, the new release of the platform also encompassed marketing – a key element of any crypto project – as well as further exchange integration and an emphasis on rebuilding the decimated community.

The new incarnation of Qora includes some impressive features beyond those originally planned. For example, as well as the voting system and asset exchange, Qora’s new wallet has a built-in social network and decentralised web. Automated Transactions were also enabled some months ago, launched with a trustless crypto-to-crypto exchange, Atomic Cross-Chain Transfers. The universal wallet will run on anything that uses Java – which nowadays, means almost everything.

Ronny Boesing

Not only that, but to bring in new investors the community enlisted the help of Ronny Boesing, enthusiastic entrepreneur and CEO of CCEDK, who spent his whole life supporting new technologies. Asked about his involvement with quora, Ronny said:

I love to see things grow based on my involvement and it gives increased energy allowing me to take on other challenges as well, and my personal focus these days is very much on Bitshares community and Qora both of them allowing me to help and participate in making them grow.

More info about the Qora project can be found on their official threads:

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