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Ribbit announces partnership with Spendabit

0, the creator of RibbitRewards, the world’s first rewards program based on blockchain technology and with its own marketplace, announced a strategic partnership with Spendabit. Spendabit is the world’s first “Bitcoin product search engine.” They help you find things you can buy with Bitcoin. is an eBay-like, p2p marketplace where merchants and shoppers benefit from the convenience of using one rewards program for all their purchases, while earning RibbitRewards for each transaction. The marketplace is easy and free for all to use, accepting all major currencies, both fiat and digital. A percentage of RibbitRewards go to buyers, sellers and to charity. Zlatko Bijelic, COO said: has undergone rigorous development for about 14 months now. Through our affiliation with Spendabit, we will be kicking off with more than a million products.

Spendabit’s expansive retail network is an ideal access point for shoppers who want to spend Bitcoin. We are continuously working on new features that will allow the customer to be able to use as their primary shopping hub.

According to Bijelic, some of these new features include:

  • Sellers do not pay commissions and there is no charge to sell on
  • Buyers are not charged anything to post their products – as many as they want.
  • Anyone that can verify themselves as trustworthy through a secure sign-up process can set up a store in minutes.
  • Small sellers benefit from posting their products alongside some of these bigger online stores, receiving more product exposure.
  • will be as responsive on mobile devices, as it is on the desktop. This enables us to cater to a larger audience as mobile has surpassed desktop browsing.
  • Buyers and sellers earn RibbitRewards for each transaction.

Spendabit is proud to partner with to provide search technology as an integral part of, helping people discover millions of products available for purchase with Bitcoin. It has been a pleasure working with the team.

said Chris Wagner, Spendabit CTO. is also developing a retail plug-in and mobile app so that RibbitRewards can be earned on any merchant platform. Watch for signs that say “Earn RibbitRewards Here” to appear in retail shopping outlets soon.


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