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Rentberry – A Fully-Operational Home Rental Platform Powered by Blockchain


Founded in San Francisco in 2015, Rentberry has established itself as a successful business operating in the real estate industry. The company managed to attract $4 mln from top-tier investors and VC funds like Jade Value (China), 808 Ventures (Australia), Zing Capital (Canada), and more. The platform helps thousands of landlords to find quality tenants for their rentals and, consequently, assist tenants in their pursuit of a perfect rental home.

Why people need Rentberry?

Nearly all the industries have already been transformed by technologies, but long-term renting still relies on old-school practices that are neither cost-effective nor transparent and secure. Rentberry is designed to leverage this trend and make both landlords and tenants enjoy their rental experience.

According to a recent study conducted by Harvard University, the percentage of renters has increased among all income groups, age groups, and household types. According to projections of the Urban Institute, about 59% of new households to be formed by 2030 will choose renting over buying. Renting has become the new normal and there are grounds to assume that this trend will be gaining momentum.

Built with blockchain technology at heart, Rentberry makes people rethink the way a rental process should be organized. Smart contracts support full automation of bureaucratic procedures, while decentralization makes it possible to change the logic behind rental security deposits and establish the new standards to benefit all – landlords, tenants, and third parties.

“The Rentberry platform allows tenants to unlock most of the money they would have to tie up in their rental security deposits by utilizing a crowdsourced security deposit network – a community of users on the Rentberry platform, such as friends, family members, landlords, tenants and even Rentberry itself – who will finance part of the required security”, the officials of Rentberry explain.

Rentberry’s goal is to make both landlords and tenants enjoy a fully decentralized rental experience that includes an open and transparent application process, crowdsourced security deposit network, instant rent payments, and internationally valid tenant and landlord scores. The auctioning technology, which is the core of the platform, ensures optimal rental prices for all properties and provides tenants with an understanding of true competition and demand for a particular rental unit.

Every operation associated with a long-term rental process will be executed with the help of Rentberry’s cryptocurrency – BERRY tokens. Not only will this ensure the security of all transactions, but it will also create standardized rental payment procedure for all tenants regardless of their country of residence.

The Pre-Sale of BERRY tokens starts on December 5 and lasts until January 26. The minimum quantity of tokens to be purchased is 15,000 BERRY (10 ETH). The Pre-Sale process includes 4 cycles, during which one can receive significant bonuses:

  • Dec 5 – Dec 19 – 33% Bonus
  • Dec 20 – Dec 26 – 27% Bonus
  • Dec 27 – Jan 16 – 20% Bonus
  • Jan 17 – Jan 26 – 13% Bonus

Hurry up to get the most out of the deal. The Main Sale of BERRY tokens starts on January 26 and lasts until February 28. The minimum amount of tokens for the Main Sale is 0.1 ETH (150 BERRY). At this stage of ICO, the following bonuses are available:

  • January 26 – 7% bonus
  • January 27-28 – 4% bonus
  • For 1-3 ETH – 1% bonus
  • For 3-5 ETH – 2% bonus
  • For 5 ETH and more – 3% bonus

Detailed information on the Pre-Sale and the Main Sale of BERRY tokens can be found in Rentberry’s White Paper. Visit the site to download it:

For questions or comments you can contact them at:

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