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Reliability and Security are Key Features of the First Hybrid Crypto Currency Exchange


With the growing popularity of crypto currency, numerous exchanges have popped up to serve the demands of the investment community. Unfortunately, many of the exchanges have had problems.

Some exchanges have gone offline for hours or longer, stoking fears of the buyers. While other exchanges have been brought down by hackers. In some outages, buyers were left in the dark and had no way to raise attention to a problem nor did they get a response from customer service.

The Qurrex Hybrid Crypto Currency Exchange, a first of its kind hybrid cryptocurrency exchange, addresses these issues delivering a secure and reliable platform for transactions.

Qurrex’s multifunctional hybrid cryptocurrency exchange ecosystem combines a centralized industrial grade platform with a decentralized blockchain protocol, with centralized exchange serving as one of the nodes.  The new hybrid exchange platform is geared towards a wide range of users: from new investors who have just entered the market and would like to acquire cryptocurrency for the very first time, to professional brokers and institutional investors. The company is led by experts in trading systems and technologies including Matthijs Johan Lek, CEO and founder, Slava Baikalov, Co-Founder, David Drake, Founder and Chairman of LDJ Capital, Konstantin Sviridenko, Board member of St. Petersburg stock exchange, Chairman of Qurrex Supervisory Board, Jose Luis Coirolo, Founder and Managing Partner at Sapient Venture Partners, who inspire and bring confidence in the exchange’s leadership to make the right strategic and tactical decisions. The Qurrex team includes over 120 highly professional members.

The Qurrex new generation platform integrates the industrial, centralized infrastructure of traditional stock exchanges (CEX*) like NASDAQ, NYSE, LSE with a decentralized blockchain-based exchange (DEX*).

Specifically, this new generation hybrid exchange encompassed the best features of traditional exchanges with the advantages of a decentralized system.

Addressing Reliability and Security

The platform is the first cryptocurrency exchange based on high-performance architecture from the leading international trading platforms. To ensure the highest levels of reliability and security, Qurrex plans to use the best vendors and the best software and hardware solutions available on the market.

Focusing on reliability, the Qurrex hybrid exchange avoids common problems that have plagued the industry. For example, many centralized crypto currency exchanges experience outages and periods of degraded service. This may include malfunctions due to excessive traffic, insufficient performance to support peak trading activities, and service disruptions caused by cyber-attacks.

The Qurrex centralized exchange is built with the same high-availability elements and is based on the same infrastructure best practices as major exchanges. It can support 70,000 transactions per second and undergoes regular load testing with participation by clients.

Security plays a big part in reliability. Qurrex founders have many years of practical experience in providing security for traditional exchange systems. In over ten years, not one of their exchange or broker systems has been halted due to the adverse actions of a third party.

The Qurrex distributed exchange synergistically complements the reliability aspects of the central exchange. It leverages the benefits of using blockchain technology in a distributed environment. This provides natural protection from technical problems that may arise from time to time in the central node of any centralized system.

If problems do occur, Qurrex provides 24/7 fast and responsive multi-lingual user support, including support by phone.

Beyond reliability, a second factor that concerns many in the industry is security. To allay any fears, the Qurrex exchange will protect the central exchange by using the top security solutions and adhering to industry-defined best practices. And the distributed exchange will take advantage of the inherent security features of blockchain technology.

To be sure that the security technologies and methods used are efficient, Qurrex will receive ratings from the leading agencies who audit the security of exchange systems.

Additionally, the hybrid exchange will use secure cold storage wallets. The majority part (up to 98%) of funds stored in offline wallets, multi-signature protected (multisig-wallet), and protected by a Hardware Security Module (HSM).

By addressing the reliability and security aspects of crypto currency exchanges, Qurrex believes that its hybrid exchange project will become a major gateway for professional institutional stock exchange participants to join the crypto economy.

Bringing Confidence to Crypto Currency Trading

As interest in digital currency grows, regulators increasingly are focusing on the problems experienced by many early crypto currency exchanges. The Qurrex Hybrid Crypto Currency Exchange eliminates these problems and delivers the reliability and security needed in today’s marketplace. As the volume and dollar value of digital currency transactions rapidly grow, this will be a differentiator that investors will demand.

Qurrex provides the critical features needed in crypto currency exchanges by virtue of its Hybrid D(C)EX architecture. The architecture combines the best characteristics of a traditional high-speed, tightly managed, and robust stock exchange with those of a blockchain-based distributed solution.

Qurrex is in the process of developing this secure, high-performance trading platform, which is currently available only as a test version.

Qurrex is demonstrating the features and capabilities of its hybrid exchange with a number of sales of its QRX tokens. It held a non-public pre-sale offering to whitelisted participants in early February. That was followed by a public pre-sale starting February 27.

For more about Qurrex and the Qurrex Hybrid D(C)EX platform, visit:

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