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Querlo: Emotional Chatbot Solutions & Data Management


Querlo is a consulting and MarTech firm that provides “Emotional Chatbot” solutions and data management aimed to support businesses in the use and humanization of Artificial Intelligence. Querlo’s services include the design and development of third party Chatbot technologies like FB Messenger, Azure by Microsoft and their implementation with CRM platforms.

On social media people hesitate to share their true sentiment and emotion for the fear of been judged by others, this makes traditional listening tools not an accurate source of data. With Querlo’s Emotional Chatbot solutions people are engaging in confidential one on one conversation in protected environments, motivated to share truthful conversations.

A team of hands-on experts that in the last 3 years, strategized, designed and launched 800+ Chatbots, collecting over 5 million items of data for clients including HSBC, Tetra Pak, Philip Morris and Yomiuri Shimbun – to name a few.

Querlo is part of MTI USA inc, established in New York in 1995 owned and operated by a team of Italian technologists with of offices in USA, Europe, Asia and Middle East.


  • Consulting clients about the manifold applications of Chatbot and AI technologies for their businesses, eg: sentiment & emotion, sales, customer service, research, crisis management, education, etc.
  • Strategizing Chatbot and Arti ficial Intelligence KPIs for best application and scenarios.
  • Delivering crisis management strategies in real time including preventive research for worst case scenarios.


  • Creating custom Chatbots tailored specifically to each client’s precise requirements.
  • Developing chatbot solutions on third party platforms (eg: Facebook Messenger, Azure by Microsoft etc.).
  • Implementation of chatbot solutions with CRM platforms.
  • Building – for each and every client – an exclusive, confidential, proprietary qualitative and quantitative database in real time.
  • Implementing and promoting Chatbots created on specific platforms for paid or organic distribution in various environments, eg: social media, websites, programmatic, blogs, native content distribution, tablets, events, native applications, etc.
  • Integration of the DeepQA “Emotional” Artificial Intelligence functionality of IBM Watson – a collaboration which sets Querlo apart from other Chatbot solutions in the market.
  • Developing and implementing new exclusive technologies and applications, eg: sentiment and emotion measurement with IBM Watson, virtual reality, Augmented Reality (AR), live chat support, voice recognition with Azure Microsoft and IBM Watson – and more.
  • Contextual open answer conversations.
  • Compatible and programmable with any language.
  • Facial expression and emotion recognition.
  • Voice recognition.


  • Providing Emotion and Sentiment reports and comparisons based on open answers and conversations.
  • Providing custom reports including numerical and percentage real time trees, filtered answers, impressions, bounce rate, completion and more.
  • Market research including anonymous targeted analysis of direct and indirect competitors.


  • Custom report analysis and recommendations to improve sales performance, monitor sentiment, emotion, and more.

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