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Providence Develops Decentralized Biometric Keys


The Providence team is proud to announce the launch of the Pledger Club. The Pledger Club is a method of storing biometric keys in the form of signatures or symbols drawn by the user. By allowing the user to create unique signatures attached to each account, the Pledger Club will establish a trustless system on which to create legal agreements, contracts, or pledges.

A pledger may graphically sign with mouse or finger, then cryptographically sign the resulting image with a secure cryptocurrency wallet, storing the signature in the decentralized, open-access ledger in one action. Eternal signatures cryptographically signed in the ledger by every pledger’s secure cryptocurrency wallet encompass the first legal protectorate of individual independent enterprise. Pledge on! ~Jared Mimms~

It is anticipated that global investment in biometric security will grow to a sixteen billion dollar industry by 2017. With a combination of the most modern cryptographic protocol, and biometric keys, the Pledger Club becomes one of the first financial tech companies to successfully implement the combination. On the bleeding edge of the financial tech evolution, Providence has used the biometric signatures as the core of their economic ecosystem.

Providence has publicly declared their intentions with their mission statement and business plan. You can read more about the project, and learn about the coming fintech revolution by following the links:

Pledger Club:
Business Plan:
Providence Site:
Mission Statement:
For Direct Inquiries contact Matthew Neumeier at: [email protected]
For Telephone inquiries call: (312)-952-1495


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