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PromoPlugs gives cryptocurrencies a professional interface for running social media campaigns

0 is a web service dedicated to developing crypto communities’ social media strategies at an affordable price. They aim to give communities a better alternative to traditional Twitter and signature campaigns, or advertisement campaigns. Within the crypto community, Twitter campaigns are the norm. But these campaigns are sloppy, hard to hold accountable, and are a ton of manual work. Furthermore, anyone who’s set up a traditional style advertising campaign knows it can get expensive fast. Twitter estimates that you should pay upwards of $2 for every follow, link, and retweet. Google Adsense charges anywhere from a few cent to over $20 per click for popular keywords.

Because of those prices, the demand for an alternative way to advertise within the cryptocurrency Community is strong, and here comes PromoPlugs. The story began in September 2014 when Charles Tench, a web developer with a passion for cryptocurrency, launched CryptoTycoons, his first attempt of a proof-of-action crypto reward platform.

The initial service was crude, buggy, not fully automated, and a pain in the neck to maintain, but it performed its task well. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive, and it proved that their was a market for a social media action campaigning system.

“We believe that word of mouth is the most effective form of Advertising!” – Charles further explained – “People have learned to gloss over ads, or even block them completely using adblockers. But everyone takes the opinions of their peers seriously! All actions performed in our Campaigns appear as organic posts and opinions on the user’s social media feeds!”

Based on the experience accumulated from the first platform, his brand new service PromoPlugs was launched in February 2015 and in August 2016 it successfully completed its beta phase.

With over 13,000 actions performed through their campaigns, PromoPlugs now offers a comprehensive suite of social media actions designed to reward your followers in return for talking and learning more about you. It allows you to set up social media actions (tweet, follow, like, visit webpage, watch video, etc.) and assign rewards to each action. You can raffle stuff off, assign micro payments to every action, email out coupons, etc. The options are limitless. You can use these actions with peace of mind, and PromoPlugs automatically verifies and authenticate each user to prevent scammers from entering in multiple times.

Advanced features include:

  • The ability to Set up a Required Follower Count for tasks ensuring you get your money’s worth of each micro-bounty;
  • Bot Detection and Fake Twitter Account Detection using various Authentication Techniques;
  • Blacklist of Banned Twitter accounts that have abused previous campaigns;
  • Records a coin address for all completed social media actions;
  • Exportable payment report with Preformated SendMany Commands for easy payouts;
  • A public view of all completed actions and bounties earned ensuring that all micropayments can be accounted for.

The interface offers a simplified but professional user experience for bounty participants. All actions can be completed from one page, and in just one button click each which should dramatically increase participation rates.

A number of important cryptocurrencies successfully use the platform to run their own social media campaigns: Crown, CryptoBullion, Insane, Burst, just to name a few.

While the platform is fully operative, the developer is working on some new features. Charles Says his last two updates focused on bringing new actions to the campaigns. They added a handful of all new actions including a ‘Manually Verified’ action that can be used on any website. This action can be used to vote on exchanges, require comments in any forum, etc. The uses are limitless. With the new capabilities, he says his next update will focus on further streamlining the user interface based on feedback from longtime users. Charles is constantly searching for useful new actions that can be added to his campaigns. If you have any suggestions for the service let us know.

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