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PREDIQT blockchain platform fills the gaps in consumer insights


Customer insights are crucial to a business’ success, and there are massive benefits to integrating more customer insight tools and delivering high-quality, relevant customer experiences. PREDIQT, which consists of the PREDIQT App (for users) and the PREDIQT portal (for brands and businesses), is a decentralized consumer data platform that connects brands and businesses to 50 million users worldwide. And it is about to revolutionize the world of consumer research as we know it today.

For the first time, since the dawn of marketing, brands and businesses will have optimized access to the enriched consumer insights they need to need to stay on top of their game. Plus, the platform incorporates AI (artificial intelligence) that serves as an operational tool for quantifying data in real-time. The platform’s use of APIs facilitates faster transactions and seamless data exchange on the blockchain. This will also improve the customer experience while increasing the number of ways brands can engage consumers. There is nothing like it in the world.

The PREDIQT blockchain is currently live, and you can join more than 90,000 users in trying it out. Consumers are excited about PREDIQT, not only because it protects their personal data, but because it also rewards them for instantly sharing data. Many influencers who are endorsing this ambitious project have touted it to be the next big thing in the blockchain industry.

According to marketing reports, companies are still struggling to put unobtrusive, useful insight programs into place. Companies are “drowning” their customers in surveys and faltering in attempts to build in-house consumer insight, platforms. One of the main hindrances to fruitful insights is the lack of collaboration between businesses and consumers. There is a sense that consumers have lots to say about products and services, but they are so bored by surveys that they won’t participate.

PREDIQT is striving to solve these inefficiencies by building a platform that incentivizes consumers to share valuable data so that organizations can more efficiently leverage insights. It is a monumental change in an industry that has long been dominated by big corporations that thrive on exercising control of user data. For brands and businesses, PREDIQT provides a prime opportunity to obtain high-quality customer data to inform and execute successful strategies. By leveraging both big data (e.g., social media interactions, web analytics, etc.) and small data (e.g., interviews, user surveys, focus groups, etc.) offered by our platform, brands can unlock customer understanding and open the door to exciting opportunities.

We are living in a world where everyone has a digital identity. This stems from our interactions, the information we search, what we buy or sell, and the content we generate on social networks. PREDIQT ensures that this digital identity is kept in the hands of users themselves rather than big corporations and service providers. PREDIQT empowers consumers to have total control of their data as they go about their routine internet activities. PREDIQT platform offers the flexibility for the community to exchange their personal data and insight for the true value they deserve.

The core segment of the platform is entirely decentralized and protected by secure distributed ledger technology. Using blockchain ensures the authenticity and accuracy of consumer information, so that brands and businesses can obtain unparalleled insights to help with decision-making and strategy.  Moreover, PREDIQT leverages various AI (artificial intelligence) tools to check for data authenticity, fraudulent data, and other filters.

With access to over 50 million users already and several global strategic partners on board, PREDIQT continues to grow, providing more accurate information to brands and businesses while rewarding users for sharing insights and valuable data.

PREDIQT will launch its IEO on Latoken exchange in February 2020. To participate, please visit here and get whitelisted.

Join their community and stay tuned for the public IEO slated for February 2020.

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