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Ponder Takes the Chore Out of Referrals, Making Them Fun


How you ever found yourself stuck – looking for a job, or romantic partner, or the right business opportunity? Days and weeks of searching online, without success. Wouldn’t it be wonderful if your friends and contacts could give you a hand? Now they can, with the help of Ponder. Ponder is a blockchain-based referral platform with a twist. They don’t want referrals to be a boring chore,so they made it into a fun game with a puzzle-style interface.

The project targets three specific market areas where human input can be much more meaningful than relying on AI algorithms, like most traditional referral and matchmaking platforms do. These areas are dating, recruitment, and business. Ponder founders believe that their potential addressable market is $80 billion. Their dating app is already in operation and has 80 thousand registered users; the recruitment component is being developed, and the business product set to be released in 2019. The startup has already attracted $1.6 million in seed funding and signed several strategic partnership deals, including cooperation with one of the world’s biggest recruiting platforms

The unifying idea behind all three components is simple and elegant – users can play fun games while also helping someone and getting rewarded. Take for example the dating app. Although modern algorithms are extremely sophisticated, just a set of external factors may not be enough to know with any degree of certainty if two people are a match. But their friends, on the other hand, may have a pretty good idea of who may make a good partner for them. So by dragging and dropping users’ photos over each other their friends get to play matchmakers. The more suggestions they make,the more they move up in levels, unlocking new options. If the couple “like” each other, the matchmaker earns $10. Each of the two singles pays $10, leaving Ponder with $10 net from each successful match. If or when the couple eventually marries, the matchmaker earns cool $1,000 – and a spot as the bride’s maid of honor or the groom’s best man!

The same basic principle applies to the recruiting and business opportunity modules, although the rewards, the savings for employers, and Ponder’s commissions all go up. Users see job openings at their current or past employer or at other companies they know well. Users refer friends and contacts from their LinkedIn network that are actively seeking a job. If the hiring manager and the candidate like each other the referrer earns $20, with the company paying $20 and the candidate $5. If the candidate gets the job, the referrer earns up to $1500, with the company paying up to $3000 – substantially less than they currently pay hires recruiters. Partnership with gives Ponder access to one of the largest job websites in the world, and all their job openings will be supplied to Ponder for this module. The business product will be essentially another form of the same game, with users recommending products, services, and business opportunities.

Ponder’s referrals lead to more relationships started, more jobs filled, and more business done.

Ponder is now conducting its public token sale, which started July 1, 2018 and will run until March 28th, 2019. To find out more, please go to

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