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Polish Bitcoin and Litecoin Fiat Exchange


BitBay is a Bitcoin and Litecoin exchange, considered Poland’s best place for cryptocurrency trading. Although opened as recently as on the 29th of March this year, it is already considered the most developing and promising exchange in its region, gradually attracting more and more Traders from various locations. Bitbay operates from Katowice, Poland – being a real, registered, limited-liability company, they have their headquarters there, with dedicated customer service office.

The company is self-funded. One of its’ co-founders is Sylwester Suszek, a widely-recognised member of Polish Bitcoin community.

Security-oriented, Bitbay offers best solutions to safety issues, with cold wallet asset storage and two-factor authentication (provided by Rublon) among them. 24/7 support and online chat (both available in English) are also at users’ disposal to ensure smooth and convenient trading experience.

Bitbay appreciates traders’ activity – bonuses include AFFILIATE PROGRAM allowing users to boost their income considerably, as well as decreasing commission rate, dependent on the monthly volume. For more information, see their site or contact them directly via e-mail or chat.

For the time being, the list of supported cryptocurrencies comprises of Bitcoin and Litecoin that can be traded for PLN, USD and EUR, but there are ongoing discussions as for introducing new currencies soon. Site is available in Polish, English, French and German.

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Summary of Features:

– Clear diagrams: a clear diagram shows you the current rate of exchange in a simple way;
– Buy/Sell offers live:  tables show the current buy/sell offers, for quick trades;
– Instant selling: Just set the amount and the system will choose and join the best offers for you;
– Instant buying: Just set the fiat amount and the system will choose and join the best offers for you;
– EUR/USD/PLN payments: you can make payment via transfer to particular account number;
– Full account history, statistics, affiliate program, live support and much more.

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