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A plugin and culture of federated blockchains


Bitsend and Europecoin are sharing more then just a similar kind of history, both being one of the very few examples, of a successful takeover. Since a few weeks they are official partners, sharing their resources, like marketing capabilities, developers, web-developers and much more. This successful collaboration, to smoothen progress and to ensure high quality, in time delivery, could be a model for many altcoins out there. And there is more behind this concept. Collaboration to strengthen each other while valuing diversity among altcoins, could be movement towards a new altcoin self-conception.

So they got together with Diamond Foundation, one of the most successful first generation altcoins and created the “Federated Blockchain Initiative”, to build a plugin, that reflects their collaborative approach. It describes a Coin 2.0 Servicebus with unified, open, permissionless access for any altcoin or service.


Quickly more and more developers are joining and a new movement is born. In our interview they highlighted, the unique idea to build a network with social impact in mind, has significant implications, when it comes to constructing networks without borders.

Federation (as it should be) is a social structure, that gives every member the freedom and the space to preserve its own uniqueness, sovereignty and identity. It brings community’s as close together as possible to enable collaboration and to celebrate diversity …. and it should be scripted.

On our first view their concept looked as it would just add an ethereum like layer, but the difference comes from two very significant details:

1) Unification of API Interfaces

It does this this job for ANY Coin in a unified manner at the same time in one big network. And it does it via a plugin, that doesn’t require users of any altcoin (or Bitcoin), to depend on their coin being “added to a network”. Users can just decide to plug into this ecosystem on their own, without any help or interaction, just by configuring the plugin towards the coins RPC interface. Total user-control, absolutely permisssionless.

2) Hierarchical Unification

Second difference is that coins and apps and services are not different layers or entities any more. Users can connect coins to services, coins to coins or add already existing services, even those that, are already existing on other blockchains, to their servicelayer, in one unified manner. Coins are services in the same way, as apps are services, like in HTML5: EVERYTHING IS AN APP.

Given the mix of three highly active communities in one organisation, we will be able to enjoy, rapid results and exciting news in just a few month.

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