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Pleasure Network Introduces the Much Needed Reforms in the Adult Industry


While the adult industry has long been at the forefront and always pushed for changes, be it the mass adoption of Blu-Ray or Internet streaming, it has been faltering in the last few years. The introduction of Web 2.0 solutions didn’t bear much fruit, and the industry still relied on traditional methods of operations and transactions. The long-term implications of it could be devastating and put millions employed in the industry across the globe at risk and exposed to unsafe and poor working conditions. But that’s not going to be the case anymore with the release of Pleasure Network, a blockchain-based ecosystem dedicated to empowering creators in the adult industry.

The full-fledged ecosystem consists of several domains and a native token, Pleasure Coin ($NSFW), to enhance, strengthen, and simplify the user experience.The project aims to promote meaningful interaction between adult performers and their fans, all in a safe and healthy environment. It will be achieved by employing innovative, advanced, and cutting-edge tools to disrupt the market and deliver an unmatched experience. Pleasure network is a multi-chain project and employs bridges to support cross-chain transactions.

The Pleasure Network has had tremendous initial success. While most projects employed desperate measures to stay afloat during the recent bearish run, Pleasure Network continued to flourish by seriously committing to tech and product development; it has had several launches, events, and acquisitions and even expanded the team. To commemorate this success, Pleasure Network launched a “12 Days of Pleasure Campaign”, that started 14 February 2023 and ran until 25 February 2023. During the campaign, the project hosted NFT giveaways, promoted the native token, launched features, and offered huge discounts on unique items. It was across all brands, Pleasurely, PleasureCoin, & PleasureLand, and the combined value of the giveaways reached over $20,000, respectively. 

Pleasure Network recently acquired VICEWRLD, a major name in the industry, allowing it to further its market footprint and reach new users worldwide. The recent acquisition and the ongoing team expansion will pave the way and help Pleasure Network become the powerhouse of the adult industry, which will not just aid the adult performers and their fans but also serve as the gold standard for upcoming projects trying to make it big in the space.

Brands under Pleasure Network

Pleasure Network is an ecosystem, meaning there are several sub-projects under it, each interlinked effectively for the well-being of the community and to deliver a finer experience.


The first brand under Pleasure Network is the PleasureCoin ($NSFW), which financially powers the entire ecosystem and supports cross-chain transactions. The coin has been built so that it will ensure Pleasure Network turns out to be a self-sustaining adult ecosystem. The $NSFW token will be utilized to compensate content creators without running the risk of chargebacks or having their accounts frozen. It will also provide consumers the much-required anonymity, often missing on other mediums. The total supply of $NSFW has been capped at 69,000,000,000, of which 44,270,588,648 tokens are currently in circulation. There’s also the option to stake $NSFW and earn regular passive rewards. Staking has, of late, emerged as a viable option owing to the high market volatility and its benefits over other forms of investment. 

Besides the token is already listed on exchanges across chains and is tradable. Those planning to acquire $NSFW can do it today and start working their way through the Pleasure Network, while utilizing every brand to the fullest.

Centralized Exchanges to purchase the $NSFW token (more to be added to the list soon):

  • HitBTC
  • CoinTiger

Decentralized Exchanges to purchase the $NSFW token:

  • QuickSwap (V3) for Polygon
  • UniSwap (V3) For Ethereum
  • Pancakeswap (V2) for BSC


Pleasurely is a state-of-the-art social media platform where adult content creators engage with their fans. It employs a wide array of advanced tools to raise the level of interactions. On Pleasurely, users can subscribe to their favorite content creators, drop them a message, and even pay tips, amongst other innovative features making Pleasurely a major competitor in the adult content market. 


It’s a metaverse designed to deliver the finest adult experience. Though in the early stages, Pleasureland has managed to attract metaverse enthusiasts and users in huge numbers. Pink Tower is the first building in the metaverse and houses 3105 pads that can be used to host parties or indulge in adult forms of recreation. Besides, users can rent out their pads and earn $NSFW. Then there are Pink Dolls to party with, only 1380 of which will ever be minted. These, too, can be rented for $NSFW tokens. Lastly comes the Pink Pass, just 690 in total, which will grant holders decision-making powers, social rewards, beta access, and the license to do business in Pleasureland. Holding it is a dream for many, and someone rightly said that Pink Pass is worth its weight in gold. The good news is that both Pink Doll and Pink Pass were offered in the “12 Days of Pleasure campaign”, and they are purchasable on Pleasure Networks’ website, and the Pink Dolls are also accessible on secondary markets such as Openseas. 


PleasureNifty will turn out to be one of the most advanced NFT marketplaces ever created. It features a wide range of adult NFTs. PleasureNift also supports several networks, allowing creators to mint NFTs on any of these. Besides, the rarity tools help them create one-of-a-kind NFTs, which are all the more valuable and in high demand.

Pleasure Network is a well-thought idea which got perfectly executed and has received a tremendous response from the blockchain community. It offers a lower transaction fee, faster processing of payments, increased privacy for both content creators and fans, and is self-custodial in nature. There are even more major updates coming – both to be presented in their upcoming newly crafted roadmap for the 2023 Year and updated whitepaper. So, if you haven’t yet, make sure to become a part of this fascinating adult blockchain-based ecosystem that has the ingredients to pervade this industry and solve the obvious gaps within it. 

To find out more about Pleasure Network, visit the official website:

Also, follow Pleasure Network on all social and messaging platforms to stay updated with the latest developments and contests.

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