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Orion Cross-Chain Trading Protocol: Liquidity Aggregator and Universal Trading Gateway


The decentralized financial platform Orion has announced a partnership with CertiK, an audit firm founded by professor Ronghui Gu from Columbia University with the support of Binance Labs, Bitmain and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Under the agreement, CertiK will test smart contracts and core modules on the Orion platform. Every project built on Orion will be audited by CertiK for security. In addition, Orion and CertiK will work together to create an automated security check tool for third-party products, such as protocol components and exchange connectors. This solution is designed to launch new exchanges and projects faster on the Orion platform.

Earlier, Orion was supported by two projects that create blockchain solutions – Wanchain, the developer of atomic swaps, and the decentralized agent-oriented system HoloChain.

Orion is an all-in-one decentralized financial platform. It gathers all the key trading services under one single interface, including portfolio management and wallets. The Orion protocol creates a universal trading gateway, connecting to several exchanges at once, both centralized and decentralized. This is a unique liquidity aggregator that allows you to perform many trading operations and at the same time be in control over crypto assets. With the help of Orion it is possible to participate in cross-chain trading, which solves the main problems of liquidity and price parity.

Over the past few years, there have appeared hundreds of trading platforms that call themselves crypto-exchanges in the crypto world. The vast majority of them are centralized services requiring to deposit crypto assets on their accounts. Thus, the owner of the cryptocurrency essentially loses control over his assets when he becomes a client of such an exchange and replenishes his deposit to start trading. Any centralization has all the risks focused in one weak spot. Crypto exchanges have repeatedly proved to be extremely vulnerable services in the blockchain industry. According to CipherTrace, in the first half of 2019, $ 480 million was stolen from crypto-exchanges and other services. Although exchanges, wallets and other cryptocurrency storage services are constantly strengthening their security systems, the competencies of hackers are also growing. They use more and more sophisticated hacking methods every year, including SIM swapping, phishing, URL interception and much more, analysts at CipherTrace noted.

In addition to insufficient security, modern crypto exchanges still lack strong integration with other trading platforms. Because of this, not only liquidity problems arise, but also price differences.

Orion solves these problems with a single trading gateway that combines order books from several crypto exchanges (both centralized and decentralized). Thanks to solutions based on atomic swaps that allow cross-chain trading operations, traders have the opportunity to carry out transactions directly from their cold wallets, which leaves them with complete control over their crypto assets.

The user only needs to connect his wallet to Orion and start trading. In the process of interacting with Orion, the trader never transfers his secret seed-phrase to external servers, which noticeably increases the safety and security of clients funds. Users can buy and sell any crypto assets, transfer funds to other accounts and withdraw them to external cold wallets at any time without having to wait for a third-party approval. As soon as Orion creates an appropriate smart contract with a programmed transaction, the exchange procedure occurs automatically without loss of control over the asset. Atomic swaps on the Orion platform are currently available for testing between Bitcoin and Ethereum blockchains. Atomic swap solutions are created in partnership with the Wanchain team, which is developing a public blockchain with Storeman node system, which makes cross-chain transactions as simple as possible. To carry out settlement transactions between broker accounts, to deposit on traders accounts and evaluate liquidity, the Orion protocol uses services based on the Holochain DeFi platform.

Among other advantages of Orion is the reduction in commissions for trading operations due to the fact that Orion has the status of a trader with an increased trading volume on many cryptocurrency exchanges.


The Orion protocol is developed by an international team of highly professional specialists in the field of trading, investment management and software development for the financial market. The backend developer Simon Cruz, who previously worked on BountyOx and Block Collider, and EYSS software company CEO Eduardo Moreira are responsible for the technical part. Alexei Koloskov, CEO of Orion Protocol, previously participated in the development of Waves and was the chief architect of the decentralized trading platform Waves DEX. Orion’s advisers are Coinvest founder and CEO and former Microsoft employee Daimon Nam, head of the Point95 Global digital asset fund and former vice president of the global market department at Bank of America Merrill Lynch Jinuan Ye.

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