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Online Gaming Revolution; Helping Satoshi Spread Peer-to-Peer Trust-less Transactions Happen


One of the best potential of Satoshi Nakamoto’s Blockchain technology is the ability of completing trading transactions without the need of a third-party. Revolutionizing in-game assets ownership, trading and management.

If you have experienced selling or trading an in-game asset/property with someone from across the planet, you may have already realized what sort of risks are involved in doing so. Either party has an equal risk of loss due to non compliance of the other party in doing what was agreed to be done in a sale or trade agreement. The online gaming revolution that is happening now addresses that issue and more.

What is this online gaming revolution? It is game assets ownership that is based on the Blockchain. Being spearheaded by Spells of Genesis game which is being developed by EverdreamSoft from Switzerland, Blockchain-based-game-assets are growing in popularity. Why?

There are many reasons:

  • The assets can be locked, meaning there will be NO CHANCE to add to the existing supply. This feature of the Blockchain technology provided by Counterparty platform ensures that the RARITY of a particular game asset will never be diluted in the future;
  • Trading transactions are recorded on the Blockchain used by Bitcoin itself, making all transactions verifiable, indelible and non-reversible. This removes much of the chance for scammers to scam people on the trades;
  • No third party needed to do the transactions;
  • Convenience; there are savings in time, effort and money to manage, keep and trade;
  • Blockchain Game Assets are reusable. If a developer chooses to make another asset from other game developers to be compatible in the app that they are making, they can easily do so;
  • Growing user-base.

There are more subtle reasons why Blockchain-based game and game assets are growing, the above are just the major ones.

Investors and collectors are also taking these rare opportunities to hoard assets when they are made available because they fully understand that game assets like in the case of Spells of Genesis which are actually DIGITAL TRADING CARDS, issued on the average of 1000 pieces will be rare once the game itself gain worldwide traction, since there are millions of potential gamers that may want to have those cards in their own personal gaming team or collection. Remember that unlike the physical version of TGC, these locked Blockchain based assets cannot be faked or forged, adding further attraction for the collectors.

In fact one of the rarest card issued by Spells of Genesis named SATOSHICARD has already sold for a whooping 3,700 US Dollars! (Monday, August 15 2016) This is expected to rise even more once the game has officially launched and has gained more gamers around the world.

Good Karma Society is collaborating with Spells of Genesis; Both want  to make it easy for new users to easily enter the wonderful sphere of Blockchain technology. If you would like a first hand experience on how this gaming revolution is happening, you can start right now by doing a simple account creation and try the Spells of Genesis game yourself. The game is free to play and you will be provided with free cards to begin with, so you can play at once.

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