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ONFA: A Step Forward in the New Era of Digital Asset Management


California, USA – The concept of “digital asset management platform” is familiar to many in Vietnam and globally, especially among financial investors. However, ONFA is not just a typical application but a comprehensive financial ecosystem designed to help users save and grow their assets through investment and digital asset transformation. Here are the outstanding features of the ONFA ecosystem.

Significant Milestone: US Government Operating License

ONFA has officially received license number 2024-001432230 from the US government in Wyoming for digital asset exchange operations as of March 26, 2024, marks a pivotal moment for ONFA and the digital financial sector. This license underscores ONFA’s credibility, trustworthiness, and commitment to regulatory compliance, solidifying its leading position in digital asset management.

Comprehensive Digital Asset Management Solutions

ONFA offers a complete ecosystem tailored to all digital asset management needs, featuring:

  • Safe and Efficient Transactions: The ONFA Chain, developed by ONFA, boasts ultra-fast transaction speeds and low costs, ensuring a smooth and secure trading experience for users.
  • Optimal Security: Utilizing advanced encryption technologies and top-notch security measures, ONFA ensures the absolute safety of users’ assets and information.
  • Diverse Ecosystem: ONFA provides a range of services, including ONFA Swap Exchange (cryptocurrency exchange), ONFA Market NFT (NFT marketplace), and ONFA Staking (staking program).
  • ONFA Shares: By participating, users gain profit sharing from NFT sales and various platform fees, with returns potentially up to 35%. Increased OFT holdings enhance profit shares.

Commitment to Compliance and Innovation with ONFA Token

ONFA FINTECH is proud to announce that we have received approval for the RegD 506(c)  listing on 6/04/2024 with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), demonstrating our steadfast commitment to regulatory compliance and transparency.

The ONFA Token (OFT) is central to the ONFA ecosystem, facilitating transactions, staking, NFT trading, and exclusive offers. The introduction of a buyback and burn mechanism for OFT controls inflation and enhances value for long-term investors, promoting sustainability and stability.

With cutting-edge technology, a diverse ecosystem, robust development potential, and strong support from Mettitech Technology Group, ONFA stands as the premier choice for investors and users seeking a secure, efficient, and transparent digital asset management solution. For more information and to experience ONFA’s services, visit ONFA’s website.

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