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OneHash: Mutual betting is the real gamechanger


onehash_micro_logo_postOneHash was introduced back in 2014 during FIFA World Cup in Brazil as a user-friendly bitcoin betting platform made by and for sports and bitcoin enthusiasts. The design is very neat and its usability is undisturbed by unnecessary elements like adverts or banners. The way the platform works is really simple – you choose your bet, place bitcoins and just wait for the match final result.

OneHash is a mutual betting service which means that it is not a traditional bookie but more of a broker between its users. Since players bet against each other, not against OneHash, the betting multiplier changes dynamically depending on the amount of bitcoins in the bank, and also on the bet amount made by other users.

Bitcoins circulate between users only, allowing for mutual betting undisturbed by anyone. It’s exciting because the multiplier depends only on bets already placed and changes dynamically. This makes bitcoin betting even more fun than it was ever before!

Why is it better and why we use it?

We do it for the fun. We want to bring the emotions back to the game rather than stripping it of it and turning betting into cold investment decision. OneHash is for sports fans who want to support their team and feel closer to the playing field. We do it for our users who can win a lot more this way. 

There are no set odds, so the winnings depend on amount of bitcoin placed on one team or another. Also the odds are often higher (or even a lot higher) than these offered by traditional bookies. It is more exciting and more rewarding to use mutual betting!


The idea met with a very positive feedback from users who keep coming back for more emotions, more often and recommend the service to their friends through their affiliate program. Eric Baker, Brand Manager at OneHash, said to Bitcoin Garden:

Mutual betting is the best and most important thing about OneHash. Implementing and making it the core of the service was an excellent idea that pays off for us and for our customers who can enjoy the most immersive Bitcoin betting experience there is. I’m glad to be a part of the team that brings back the joy of wagering against your friends.

Now, almost a year and a half later OneHash welcomes its users with a beautifully redesigned site that is up to date with the latest trends in web design and development.

OneHash team has also added even more sports to bet on requested frequently by its users. So now the platform offers a wide range of events to choose from. There are all  major European and American soccer leagues, NBA, NHL, NFL with upcoming e-sports leagues and some special events like the Oscars in February.


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