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On the 5th of July ThorBot Quantified Robots officially announced the acquisition of a U.S. MSB license!


ThorBot Quantified Robots successfully demonstrated unique strengths and values in the quantitative robot market, ThorBot officially announced on the 5th of July that it has been granted a US MSB license! The U.S. MSB (Money ServicesBusiness) license is a financial license issued by FinCEN the Agency under the U.S. Treasury Department’s Financial Crimes Enforcement Agency, which is primarily regulated by money services-related businesses and companies. The scope includes international remittances, foreign exchange, currency transactions/transfers (including digital/cryptocurrencies), ICO issuance, provision of prepaid items, issuance of traveler’s cheques, etc. As a result, all start-up blockchain payment companies are primarily aiming to get this license, and the success of the ThorBot Quantified Robot in obtaining a U.S. MSB license is undoubtedly significant good news for market investors.

On March 18, 2013, MSB’s issuing agency, FinCEN, released “Application of FinCEN’s Regulations to Peoples Management, Exchanging, or Using Virtual Currencies”. (Guidelines for exchanging or using virtual currencies), which clarifies the requirements for businesses and individuals to use virtual currencies for MSB registration. MSB is short for Money Services Business and is under the control of FinCEN (the Agency for Financial Crimes Enforcement under the U.S. Treasury Department) and is a registered license system that requires the application for a money service-related business. Therefore, MSB is the foundation of blockchain payment companies.

Since the launch of ThorBot Quantified Robots, in many quantitative robot markets, it has drawn the attention of the media and community, especially for blockchain, an emerging financial market. ThorBot Quantified Robots believes that if blockchain is just hyped with no practical application to support, and no public is enabled to participate together, then blockchain will only become a useless technology, and ultimately will only become fantasies. After all, it cannot be widespread, therefore, how to reduce the blockchain investment threshold is the key. The simplest ways to enter the blockchain market are through quantitative robot parameter settings and automatic trading. No experience is needed and there is no need to keep your eye on the market all the time, hence will make the cryptocurrency market more outstanding.

Therefore, in addition to technical support, internationally recognized third-party agency certification is especially important, after all, just boasting how good they are is not credible, but if you can have a trusted international organization or institution to give recognition or proof, this can gain the trust of the public in no time, the United States MSB license has become the key to open up the market.

According to the ThorBot Quantification Robotics team, “In the past, it was only to assist enterprises and large financial institutions in system development and maintenance, but due to the rise of blockchain, it was decided to target the retail market with a large mass. Ideally, with ThorBot Quantified robots it can quantify the benefits of robots, which builds a community, accumulation of their traffic and consensus, and further establish a blockchain ecosystem.”

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