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Oklahoma Robotic Announces Latest Venture, Prairie Doge Crypto Mining Container


With everyone talking about crypto currency, Oklahoma Robotics is excited to introduce their latest venture – Prairie Doge Crypto Mining Containers; a new and reliable way to start mining crypto currency from any location.

Prairie Doge is a crypto mining container company that began in Oklahoma. As many people know, Oklahoma has unpredictable and sometimes rough weather, and those who live on the prairie have to be tough. Prairie Doge mining containers are no exception! They understand and appreciate the need for a free-standing structure to be secure and able to withstand the elements that may come its way.

Prairie Doge is an Oklahoma born and based company that spawned out of ingenuity when
a client came to their parent company Oklahoma Robotics with a specific need. The design requests were for a free-standing structure that could withstand the sometimes rough and unpredictable weather and elements of a southwestern climate/region. The structure itself would also need to be secure and able to withstand outside and inside temperatures. Thus, a shipping container was the best and most modifiable solution. Starting with a shipping container, Prairie Doge can modify and customize interior and exterior structure and add all the necessary equipment for mining. Other benefits to a shipping container are the durability of such a structure, as well as transportability.

“We’re excited to offer our new line of containers that are built here in the USA. There are a lot of containers in the market, but they are not designed for the extremes that we see in the southwest like the straight-line winds, thunderstorms, dust and other debris that can cause damage to equipment. Seeing that need, we designed containers that will protect customers expensive miners from these extremes,” said Nathan Parrow, founder of Prairie Doge.

“These crypto containers grew out of the automation work we were doing at Oklahoma Robotics, and we have developed a line of containers for remote sites that are fully automated to continually monitor miner status and temperature,” continues Nathan.

Prairie Doge is different from other companies that are also in the bitcoin miner container business because many of the security features that other companies offer are offered as an add on or additional options, not as part of their standard or base package. Prairie Doge has made sure to incorporate these necessary security features as part of their standard container packages. Turnkey pricing and service removes unnecessary hassle, extra time, and expense off the customer’s plate.

For more information, please visit Prairie Doge at, or call Nathan Parrow at 405-698-8536.

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