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OfficialNFT® Marketplace is coming soon


Official Crown Laurel® was established in 2007 to fill out a gap present in the premium headwear market. At the time of its formation, the company focused on skate and streetwear styles. With humble beginnings in a home garage, the startup produced unique headwear styles that were unmatched in the market. Through the years, the company has had successful collaborations with major players in the industry including Adidas, DC Shoes, Keith Haring, Snoop Dogg, and others. The company has enjoyed quality support from multiple celebrities, athletes, influencers, and skateboarders.

Part of its mission today is to be innovative and produce unique products. The company has sighted an opportunity in the blockchain ecosystem and has created OfficialNFT® to offer unique solutions to its customers.

What is OfficialNFT®?

OfficialNFT® has entered the NFT market with improved features and capabilities to disrupt the space and put it on a growth trajectory. Although the NFT world is still in its infancy, it is currently worth over $90 billion.

OfficialNFT® marketplace allows brands, individuals, and artists to mint and utilize a suite of highly customized smart contracts in a carefully selected ecosystem with a perfect user experience for NFT minters and retail buyers.

For corporate brands, OfficialNFT® will enable them to develop customizable smart contracts that allow them to forge NFTs connected to whatever they wish, including their offerings, events, and promotion campaigns.

For entities that need to produce smart contracts for games or any digital projects on the blockchain, OfficialNFT® will become their go-to solution. Every item sold on the platform can be minted with a fixed price, auctioned, or even added to a declining price listing.

For creative individuals, OfficialNFT® enables creators to use innovative tools and UI to craft whatever NFT they need or have a use case for with ease.

Fight Against Counterfeiting

Many brands have lost enormous sums of money through counterfeit products. OfficialNFT® is here to help corporate brands fight against the counterfeiting problem. The platform allows brands and buyers of genuine products to mint NFTs by adding information to bolster their claims. When buyers decide to resell the item in the future, they can prove that their products are authentic to potential purchasers. This feature will greatly reduce the cases of customers buying counterfeit products.

Furthermore, OfficialNFT® will incentivize all sales to stay on-chain by rewarding all past owners with commissions. This mechanism will further help brands in the fight against counterfeiting.

OfficialNFT® App

The platform incorporates both a mobile and a web app that provide users with a seamless experience. With the app, users can perform various activities, including:

  • Mint NFTs easily: the app allows users to mint their NFTs easily and connect them to their brand products without coding. The minting procedure at OfficialNFT® is straightforward, as the platform has simple guidelines to help users.
  • Auctioning: users can create NFTs and price them. Prospective purchasers bid on the minted NFTs.
  • Originality tracing: with the app, users can easily verify the source of an NFT in the ecosystem.
  • Smart contract functionality: users can enjoy an array of functionalities and innovations, including creating smart contracts.

$OFCL Token Pre-Sale is Live

$OFCL is the native utility token of the OfficialNFT® platform. The token facilitates payments within the OfficialNFT® marketplace, allowing users to mint, buy, and sell NFTs and other goods or services. $OFCL Token Pre-Sale is live now and limited to 1,500,000 tokens. Don’t miss out on owning a bit of the future. Visit:

Future Plans

To reach out to the target market, OfficialNFT® intends to use a variety of tactics. The platform will go live in Q3 2021. During the launch phase, OfficialNFT® will send invites to curated artists and brands to participate. OfficialNFT® will also invite influencers to spread the word among their followers. The company will also reach out to its 150k email subscribers and 200k social media followers with exclusive offers to incentivize participation.

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