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NXE Pre-Launch: Netwex’s New Cryptocurrency Powered by Waste-to-Energy Crypto Mine


An open source all-in-one decentralized crypto community Netwex ICO will launch their first altcoin, NXE, the ICO Crowd Sale expected to start on 1st February 2018.

Netwex ICO, a Singapore based open source all-in-one decentralized crypto community, is all set to launch their first ever cryptocurrency, NXE.  The pre-launch for the Netwex coin is slated for 25th January 2018, while the ICO Crowd Sale will open on 1st February 2018 and will continue until 2nd March 2018. As a special pre-launch offer, Netwex is offering 10 NXE coins free at the time of sign-up.

When asked about this new crypto venture, the Marketing Head at Netwex stated, “We want to encourage society to have a greener and cleaner solution for their energy needs and empowering them with cryptocurrency. Our contribution to the waste-to-energy crypto mine is a small step towards achieving that goal.”

He further added “We’ll offer 100,00,000 NXE coins for early investors before it is traded in exchanges, and a total of 51,000,000 coins would be up for the offering. Netwex coin gives you the power of lightning-fast transactions with minimum fees”.

Netwex uses an AI-based algorithm, which they call SATB short for State-of-the-Art Trading Bot. It is specially developed to improvise automatically and boost financial growth in the long-run.  Netwex offers various options for the investors, including Trading, CGP (Capital Gain Program), EPC (Earnings per Coin), and Mining. NXE’s Crowd Sale price ranges between $0.8 to $1.2.

About Netwex

Based in Singapore, Netwex is an open source all-in-one decentralized peer-to-peer crypto community. With their vision to harness the power of waste-to-energy to run crypto mine, Netwex was conceptualized to provide various investment opportunities to the users. Their state-of-the-art trading bot (SATB) works on an AI-based trading algorithm and is believed to self-improvise exponentially with increasing number of transactions.

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