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Nuo Network: Non-Custodial Lending Platform and the Future of Decentralized Finance


The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) movement might be the biggest narrative in the cryptocurrency world right now that not enough people are paying attention to. In fact, it’s not an entirely far fetched idea that the DeFi movement will one day be the biggest narrative not just in the cryptocurrency world, but in all of global finance.

As global debt and income inequality continue to rise year after year, it’s become crystal clear that the current financial system is benefiting the few at the expense of the many. DeFi is a chance to reverse those unhealthy trends and to give the global economy the shake up it needs.

You see, the core tenants of the DeFi movement are in stark contrast to those of the legacy financial system in just about every way.

Where the legacy system restricts access to financial services based on location, identity, and wealth, the new decentralized financial system will be equally accessible to everybody who has a smart phone and internet connection.

Where today people have no choice but to trust centralized institutions with their money and personal information, DeFi will return custody of wealth to the people it belongs to while improving security and transparency in the process.

And where access to capital is restricted to those that already have it, the DeFi world will make loans and other important financial services available to all. That’s where Nuo comes in.

Nuo is a decentralized peer-to-peer debt marketplace that already has more than $600k in reserves and has distributed more than $200k in loans to date. Those figures make it one of the top DeFi apps in the world and the #1 ranked DeFi app in Asia, with the US, India, and Japan leading the way.

First and foremost, what Nuo does is it enables anybody to lend or borrow cryptocurrencies through a non-custodial network with zero platform fees. That means that people who can’t access loans through traditional means or simply want to avoid being exploited by high fees and non-competitive interest rates now have an alternative option. It also means that people who don’t want to leave their money sitting in a bank account where it loses purchasing power can make their money work for them by lending it out in the peer-to-peer debt marketplace, with interest payouts occurring daily.

On top of that, Nuo supports non-custodial margin trading with shared liquidity and up to 3x leverage, helping cryptocurrency traders to long or short Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other select ERC20 tokens. All of this is done securely and transparently through smart contracts powered by Kyber Network and Uniswap Exchange.

Whether you want to margin trade cryptocurrencies, borrow money without all the usual hassle, or lend money to the reserve pool and earn daily interest payouts, Nuo can help you make it happen.

To get started, visit Nuo.Network and become a part of the growing Decentralized Finance movement.

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