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Nicholas Guccione & Team launched the GuccioneCoin Cryptocurrency


Nicholas Guccione & Team launched the GuccioneCoin (Ticker: GCC) CryptoCurrency on 6/22/2015. Nick is the youngest son of the late Bob Guccione Founder of PENTHOUSE and OMNI Magazines and General Media International.

The Ninja style launch was perfect for the occasion and served well to everyone that was at the right place at the right time.

Nicholas Guccione began his Crypto Research a little over a year ago. He has helped a few CryptoCurrencies and their Development Teams primarily through his endorsements. After spending a lifetime growing up around PENTHOUSE he knew the importance of Payment Processors and the Banks that they represent.

Nick noticed one of the major failure points in the payments system in regards to subscriptions or other items purchased through PENTHOUSE was the lack of anonymity when utilizing Credit Cards. The customers privacy goes out the window. Nick from the beginning noticed that there could be benefits in using CryptoCurrencies instead of traditional methods of banking such as high interest Credit Cards. He also noticed that they could be used for micro purchases which Credit Cards still have not been able to achieve. Protecting the anonymity of customers in the high end Erotica industry is very important. This can be accomplished and still fall within compliance of the Global KYC/AML Guidelines.

CryptoCurrencies can allow for Micro-Purchases of digital content. These are some of the reasons that GuccioneCoin was created. Nick has been working successfully for over a year obtaining digital content and media to be used inside some of the first editions of the Online Magazine that he is planning on building. This Online Magazine will be built in the Spirit of PENTHOUSE and possibly called ‘Pure Guccione’ which is currently the leading title.

Nicholas realizes that there is plenty of competition out there in regards to adult entertainment that is free. In fact most all of it is free. However none of it can compare with the quality of the experience you get from viewing HD Media plus high end copyright proof live Streaming 3D Video.

The plan here is to create a market with GuccioneCoin, while continuing to build the Online Magazine that will accept GCC for payment on both a large and micro scale of new and existing digital content.

Nick Guccione will be starring in a reality show this coming Winter 2015. The reality show will cover his daily life including GuccioneCoin and the building of the Online Magazine. It will also delve into his very private past, dating back to the early 1980’s when his father was one of the 400 most richest men in the world. It will cover his early experiences when he first began working in the Mailroom at PENTHOUSE INTERNATIONAL to nearly 20 years later when he became the CEO of PENTHOUSE VIDEO.

Crypto could not have a greater person than Nick Guccione joining its ranks. He is probably one of CryptoCurrencies biggest advocates. He has also had the pleasure over the last year to meet and work with TIT Developer Edward Mansfield and Patrick McDonnell ‘The Coyote of Wall Street’.

This is an historic CryptoCurrency in the making. Everyone over 18 years old is welcome. The technical aspects and allocution of proceeds will all be covered in the white paper coming up soon. As Nick Guccione would say:  “Thank you and let’s make history together!”


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