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New Virtual Conference LiveChain Offers Lessons On The Future Of Work From Leaders Of The Decentralized Economy


The Covid-19 pandemic has led to a significant shift in working patterns, with offices empty and more people working from home than ever before. Now, LiveChain: Lessons From The Future Of Work, a new three-day virtual conference taking place from 1-3 September, 2020, will bring together thought leaders in blockchain, crypto, and other emerging technology sectors to share their reflections on resilience in a post-pandemic world.

Created by Wachsman, a global communications consultancy specializing in blockchain and emerging technologies, and AmaZix, a leading full-service blockchain consultancy, LiveChain has just announced author and commentator Isaiah Jackson as its first headline speaker. Jackson is the author of Bitcoin and Black America, a new book exploring the synergy between Black economics, Bitcoin, and blockchain technology. 

Commenting on his keynote appearance at LiveChain, Isaiah Jackson said, “Decentralized solutions hold the key to a new, fairer world that is built on fundamental foundations of equality and inclusion. As bitcoin and micro currencies become a critical priority for companies, lack of financial literacy and education remains one of the main barriers to mainstream adoption. LiveChain will provide invaluable practical expertise to individuals around the world who now face unprecedented challenges.”

Through a combination of video presentations, intimate AMAs, and tailored networking opportunities, the conference will provide a forum for industry leaders to share knowledge, skills, and personal experiences. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn from entrepreneurs and investors who have successfully adapted to the new challenges of a post-Covid world and taken advantage of new opportunities, like operating successful decentralized enterprises, disrupting outdated legacy business systems, and future-proofing against profound structural upheaval.

David Wachsman, CEO and Founder of Wachsman, said, “While the Covid-19 pandemic has triggered a new age of uncertainty, one thing is certain: how we work and live has changed forever. Today, the challenges that many businesses around the world face are obstacles the blockchain industry has tackled since its inception.

“Along with AmaZix, we designed this event to give people who might be in search of guidance the chance to hear from some of the most successful leaders as we transition to a new normal. This new world is one that many of the pioneers of decentralization have been living in for some time.” 

The conference will play host to a different theme each day, including Personal Financial Wellness, The New World of Work, and Building a Future-Proof Business.

AmaZix Founding Partner Paolo Anziano said, “LiveChain will bring together the brightest and most innovative minds in the decentralized economy to discuss the highs and lows of their pathway to success. The conference will dig deep into how they became experts in their respective fields, the skills and tools needed to become market leaders, and the importance of future-proofing your business by leveraging new and emerging technologies.”

Further additions to the list of speakers and the finalized agenda are due to be announced in the coming weeks. For more information and speaker applications, visit

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