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New Decentralized Funding Source


Cryptfunder, a new, decentralized funding source for startup ICOs and blockchain companies, is creating a new way for pre-ICO startups and other blockchain entities to receive the required funding for success in today’s market.

Employing expert analysts to identify the projects with the greatest potential market value based on factors such as the quality of their team and the real-life application of their technology, Cryptfunder will fortify and expand the world’s latest, most innovative concepts for a more productive and revolutionary future.

“We’re here to be the funding source for startup ICOs that every blockchain project desperately needs today,” said Kevin Sarisky, CEO of Cryptfunder. “Through our provided crypto-capital at pivotal points of the ICO startup building phase, the now fully funded ICO or blockchain company can now fully realize its goals and dreams, enabling delivery of their new, disruptive technology.”

Cryptfunder will provide seed crypto-capital at a crucial phase in return for pre-ICO tokens at a discounted rate, as well as through other methods of compensation. Additionally, Cryptfunder’s backing will enable these startups to kick-start their projects, boost their security, obtain and solidify better servers, and develop better overall technology for sustained success. In exchange for funding, pre-ICO tokens will be provided following the close of the ICO or prior.

Releasing a new kind of ICO contingency model, Cryptfunder’s business plan will be successful depending on the success of the funded startups and their success downstream, which guarantees integrity, transparency, and fairness for Cryptfunder and its’ token holders.

Cryptfunder’s cryptocurrency will be the CFND token. As an ERC20-based token, CFND is built on the Ethereum blockchain according to the industry’s latest protocols. It will serve a dual purpose:

  • Fund other startup ICOs and blockchain companies
  • As a store of token value and growth

“We selected Ethereum as a tried and tested blockchain with an infallible track record, an increasing volume of tokens in circulation, and a transparent approach to their 100% verified crypto-community,” said Sarisky. “From the start of Cryptfunder’s inception, we wanted this to be a valuable platform that all community members can trust and believe in the vision, the growth and success of the token.”

With statistics detailing an enormous increase in the amount of ICOs and funds raised since their introduction in 2016 ($94 million raised by 30 ICOs in 2016; $6 billion raised by 891 ICOs in 2017), the market saturation has contributed to fraudulent activity, mistrust, and hesitation to delve into new startup ICO platforms. Cryptfunder connects with ICOs during their early stages, providing legitimacy before a negative stigma is attached to the new venture due to a possible lack of proper funding. With these needed funds, startups can now expand their platforms and pursue their future endeavors and achieve their full potential.

“We want to develop newer, better technologies. Sometimes, the only thing standing between a life-changing creation and its widespread adoption is funding,” said Sarisky. ”We’re proud to be officially launching our new platform, sporting the tagline: Cryptocurrency Funding of the Community and for the Community.”

The main objectives of Cryptfunder in today’s cryptocurrency market is to repair ICO public perception, reduce ICO failures due to lack of funding, kick-start promising and innovative projects, and boost the overall crypto-community moving forward.

For more information about the company and the upcoming Cryptfunder ICO launch on May 25, 2018, visit:

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