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New decentralized blockchain betting platform LuckChain launches ICO


The LuckChain development team has just introduced a new concept to the cryptocurrency betting community. They have done this by creating a decentralized betting platform that is not only provably fair but also doesn’t rely on customers to use servers or websites to play the games. How has LuckChain achieved this? The games are integrated into the QT and rely on blockchain hash string verifications that are visible for all to see.

“The core of betting game is the generation of blocks. we use blockchain consensus mechanism to guarantee the uniqueness and unpredictability of each block, eliminating the possibility of man cheating.” – LuckChain Developer

You will not have to wonder if the games you are playing are fair, you can see for yourself. Also, you will not have to wait for deposits to clear or wonder if the website owner will allow you to withdrawal your winnings. The reason? All of the gaming will occur within the safety and privacy of your own wallet.

“Our team is made up of blockchain early developers, and our core developer has nearly 20 years of development experience, Of course, these are not the most important, A good product with a good user experience is the focus, We can provide our users a reliable, practical and interesting community platform through our experience and technology. We expect that while a decentralized gaming platform could be realized, users could also have a better experience.” – LuckChain Developer

LuckChain has initally launched with 7 decentralized games:

  • Lucky 16 (Similar to War)
  • Lucky Odd or Even Number (Multi-player Game)
  • Lucky Big or Small Number (Multi-player Game)
  • Lucky Boss ( Multi-player Game)
  • Lucky Lotto (Multi-player Game)
  • Facts Quiz (Multi-player Game)

LuckChain is currently in phase one of ICO crowdfunding. The Luckchain ICO crowdfunding rounds will last for three distinct phases and reward the earliest investors with the most LuckChain tokens for their invested Bitcoins. The rounds have been scheduled to proceed from the following timetable.

  • First phase : 2016/10/08 – 2016/11/08 (100 Satoshi each BASH token)
  • Second phase : 2016/11/09 – 2016/12/09 (150 Satoshi each BASH token)
  • Third phase : 2016/12/10 – 2017/01/10 (200 Satoshi each BASH token)

LuckChain has announced that 90% of the available token money supply will be dispursed during the three crowdfunding phases. The remaining 10% will be used for project promotion, team development, advertisement and reward bounties.

Cryptocurrency betting is exploding and many investors are looking for ways to expand their cryptocurrency investment portfolios while at the same time limiting their risk exposure. LuckChain allows you to get in on the ground floor of a new cryptocurrency betting concept at a level you are comfortable with. If you have been looking for a cryptocurrency concept with a high level of investability and upside but haven’t found any that suit your needs, LuckChain might be the project you have been looking for.


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