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Neurotoken (NTK) secures listing on HitBTC exchange


Neuromation and the Future of Democratized AI

Neuromation, recently featured in Wired magazine, is an artificial intelligence (AI) platform, that is developing cutting edge solutions for the AI sector, a global industry that is projected to be worth over $50 billion by 2020. The platform and its team are making AI development easier for researchers, organizations, and individuals alike. To lower these barriers and make AI more affordable, Neuromation’s  synthetic data and distributed computing power platform address the two key pain points of the AI industry: the lack of extensive, accurately-labeled datasets and the lack of affordable computing power.

Behind Neuromation’s services is the NeuroToken (NTK), an ERC20 token that powers Neuromation’s blockchain network. NTK will be the platform’s lifeblood, a payment option for the platform’s services.  With the token, users can purchase datasets, AI models, and even computing power from Neuromation’s data marketplace.

HitBTC Exchange Listing

Neuromation is excited to announce that  NTK will begin trading on HitBTC this week. Consistently in the top 15 cryptocurrency exchanges by trading volume according to CoinMarketCap, HitBTC averages over $250 million in trading volume daily. This is another step in providing Neuromation’s users with NTK liquidity to allow seamless transactions on the Platform.

The NTK will be listed with three trading paris: NTK/ETH, NTK/BTC, and NTK/USD.

“We have powered our team with strong C-level professionals from Silicon Valley. This exciting moment in our corporate development, together with the listing of the NTK on two major exchanges, gives us a great new horizon. We are dedicated to creating a seamless experience for every buyer and seller of AI services on the NeuroPlatfom marketplace, for every market and every language around the world.”

It’s a busy time at Neuromation. This is the NeuroToken’s second top 20 exchange listing in a week, as the team secured a listing on BCEX exchange, a top-20 exchange focused on the Chinese-speaking users, on May 3. These listings will give the project more simplified transaction execution, and increase overall project exposure. The Neuromation continues to develop the Platform with some of the best international AI talent.

HitBTC is the world’s most advanced cryptocurrency exchange. Created by outstanding technical minds, high-level finance professionals and experienced traders, HitBTC is delivering the most reliable, fast and powerful platform solution on the market.The platform has earned its reputation for fault-tolerance, flawless uptime and high availability. Its core matching engine is among the best technological products in its class, offering traders a wide range of features such as real-time clearing and cutting-edge order matching algorithms. HitBTC has a worldwide presence, operated by HIT Solution Ltd. based in Hong Kong.

DISCLAIMER: This material should not be construed as an offer to sell or buy securities or any other assets in any jurisdiction, a solicitation for investment, or investment advice. NTK tokens are utility tokens issued by Neuromation OÜ (incorporated under the laws of Estonia, reg. code 14331930) providing users with current and/or future access to Neuromation OÜ’s products or services. Persons wishing to sell or purchase NTK tokens should seek the advice of independent experts before entering into any such transaction and shall enter into such transactions at their own risk. Neuromation OÜ, its directors, officers, employees, and associates expressly disclaim any liability related to the accuracy, reliability, or completeness of any material contained herein.

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