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ND Labs Announces NFT Marketplace Development as In-Demand Service


ND Labs, an international blockchain consulting and development company with development offices in Poland and the US, has announced the launch of NFT marketplace development services.

ND Labs understands that businesses often face the issue of lacking an in-house workforce with the required blockchain skills and experience, so the company offers end-to-end services to software product organizations and non-IT enterprises from various fields, including fintech, healthcare, logistics, etc.

Dmitry Khanevich, co-founder and CEO of ND Labs, shared: “NFTs are growing into a large industry. Now, they are likely to change how we do usual things like playing games, purchasing event tickets and property, and even interacting with each other. Businesses of all sizes from various industries may benefit from developing NFT marketplaces, and that’s where our expertise will be helpful.”

How to develop an NFT marketplace?

First, you need to define a niche for your future platform. The most popular NFT types are music, sports memorabilia, and gaming assets. Then, you need to launch a blockchain network. It can be either Ethereum or any other network that best meets your requirements.

After that, you need to develop smart contracts that will trigger purchase transactions when the required conditions are met. Next, you implement the NFT marketplace, integrate crypto payment gateways, and ensure the security of your NFT marketplace.

What are the must-have features of NFT marketplaces?

Features that every NFT marketplace must include:

  • storefront
  • advanced token search
  • NFT rankings
  • NFT listings
  • listing status
  • crypto wallet integration
  • NFT buying and selling
  • account management for users
  • marketplace administering.

What are the most popular NFT marketplaces?

The most popular NFT marketplaces are OpenSea, Axie Marketplace, CryptoPunks, NBA Top Shot, Rarible, Magic Eden, LooksRare, Sorare, etc.

About ND Labs

ND Labs is an international company that offers blockchain consulting and development of NFT marketplaces. They build blockchain-powered solutions for businesses of all sizes from various industries such as oil & gas, banking, supply chain management, etc. The company’s team consists of experienced blockchain professionals who focus on strategic outcomes and help clients generate long-term profits.


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