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NAV Coin goes live with POS online wallet


The NAV team have capitalized on the compatibility of their new coin with the latest features available in Crypto currency. In July the NAV team announced that their web wallet was live.

Instead of holding your NAV investment in secure offline storage or on an exchange NAV investor now have a third and very desirable option. To store your NAV coins in a secure online wallet that grows as it reaps proof of stake rewards, without having to run your own computer with the wallet open in staking mode.

It will automatically earn for you even when you’re asleep on an aeroplane. – NAV team –

NAV coin has joined Proof Of Stake wallet called POS wallet, an online wallet community connected to a group of proof of stake coins. NAV was selected by POS for its high end programming and unique technology. POS wallet wrote to the NAV team:

We have evaluated a few dozen coins so far and have chosen 12 that we think will be included in the launch of the online wallet NAV being one of them.

POS wallet are interested in Proof of stake coins that are showing growth or the development of interesting ideas. Their mission is the popularization of cryptocurrencies and they see web wallets as a crucial step towards social integration.

As well proof of stake rewards, NAV investors will gain other advantages including: world wide instant transfers, low transaction fees (1%), extra security, and of course online access to their wallet.

In the next update of the POS wallet, users will be able to download the private keys to their wallet. This will give users unrivaled assurance they can access their coins even if the website is unavailable.

The NAV team were very proud to be approached by POS. They were passionate about making their coin proof of stake initially so that their investor could earn rewards with out the server costs and set up involved in mining. The joining of POS wallet has been a fulfilment of a long term vision for NAV as a high earning, easy to use and access coin.


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