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Momentum Protocol CEO to travel to Seoul, South Korea for creating and strengthening partnerships


In the coming week, Mr. David Mock CEO of Momentum Protocol, as well as Decentralization and Blockchain Expert, Mr. Juergen Hoebarth will be traveling to Seoul, South Korea for what is expected to be a noteworthy trip spanning several days.  The goal of this upcoming trip is a multifaceted working tour for creating partnerships and strengthening existing ones as well as meeting potential customers.

Momentum Protocol is also planning to hold a meet and greet with project participant (date and time to be announced). Several speakers are expected to be present to give talks on the various subject matter in regards to the future of the loyalty rewards ecosystem, brand building and software solutions. Here Mr. Mock and Mr. Hoebarth will also be giving talks on the Momentum Protocol and its potential to disrupt and reshape the loyalty program market which is growing steadily and is projected to reaching a size of 500 Billion USD.

Throughout their stay Momentum Protocol plans to meet with businesses in various sectors in order to discuss relationship synergies and sign preliminary partnership agreements. In addition, they will also be planning to meet with various influential local allies who have the potential of facilitating and executing marketing strategies in Korea. Finally, Momentum Protocol will be sitting in on several interviews with reporters, bloggers and industry influencers eager to know more about what Momentum Protocol can mean for the Korean market.

Momentum Protocol enables companies to easily launch new loyalty rewards points programs or convert their existing programs onto the blockchain. This standard blockchain infrastructure allows consumers to easily exchange their reward points between various programs, providing liquidity to use their points to the maximum value. A full API stack allows companies to unlock the hidden value of their loyalty points in their marketing and consumer-facing solutions.  It also allows them to use points, for example, to reward consumers not only when they purchase, but every time they show support for their favorite brand.

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