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MinePlex Crypto Bank Integrates Cryptorobotics Solutions For Crypto Trading Into Its Functionality


The cryptocurrency bank MinePlex rolls out special features for crypto trading for platform’s users. It became possible due to the partnership between MinePlex and the professional trading platform Cryptorobotics. The platform opens access to all trading instruments, including options and derivatives and cooperates with 13 leading exchanges, such as Binance, Kraken, OKEx, and others. The new development allows MinePlex users to instantly start trading and pay trading commissions at the platform with utility tokens Plex that significantly simplifies the usage of the Cryptorobotics services while reducing the costs for users.

“The partnership with Cryptorobotics is primarily the partnership of two companies with shared values and interests in the business arena. MinePlex ecosystem clients get access to new knowledge and new skills for both novice traders and crypto market investors, as well as to the cutting edge and convenient Cryptorobotics tools for automated trading,” – shared MinePlex representatives.

Cryptorobotics developers long waited for such cooperation but for a long time were seeking the right partner since most of the projects in the Russian market have not succeeded in unlocking the full investment potential of their tokens. Success in this was one of the key criteria for choosing a partner.

“Our company has been actively developing our proprietary product for crypto trading automation for a period over 3.5 years and has experience in partnerships with other companies in this market that involve our product deployment, including on White Label terms. We believe that this partnership widens our opportunities to work with experts in tokenomics and managing assets, both corporate and clients’. In my opinion, MinePlex developers succeed in the area where many other companies aspire to achieve results but few manage to do it. It is to create a token that is not only an investment instrument (which is already a success) but a fully-fledged means of payment,” – shared the Cryptorobotics founder Ivan Scherbakov.

In the nearest time, all technical works for trading solutions integrations will be completed and crypto bank users will be able to use a platform for trading cryptocurrencies without leaving their dashboard at MinePlex. Both companies shared that this partnership will allow crypto bank clients to get new knowledge and experiences in cryptocurrencies trading that has become one of the most promising trends in the digital assets market. 

MinePlex is a new generation mobile crypto bank with its own liquid token. It is based on an exceptional balance between the traditional financial system, blockchain technology, and mobile applications capabilities. MinePlex Banking’s aims to create a reliable and convenient mobile cryptographic bank for the daily use of cryptocurrencies anywhere in the world: paying bills, buying goods, saving and growing assets.

Cryptorobotics is a terminal for automated trading of cryptocurrencies and crypto derivatives that gives access to the world’s leading crypto exchanges. The broad functionality of the platform includes cutting edge robots for automated trading, analytics, trading by signals etc.

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