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Meta Kongz Partners with Car Manufacturer Hyundai for Limited Edition NFTs, Decides to Shift to Ethereum Chain


Meta Kongz is the most famous NFT project to come out of South Korea as it offers users not just digital art that they can use as PFPs but brings in different practical features.

Hyundai and Other Partnerships

Meta Kongz has quickly risen to popularity due to its immense potential and a carefully crafted ecosystem. This has led to the NFT project being picked up by many different firms and has meant a string of different partnerships.

This includes Hyundai, the largest South Korean car manufacturer. As per the details, Meta Kongz and Hyundai will be releasing a limited edition of only 30 NFTs under its Metamobility Universe. The NFTs and the Metamobility experience are designed to increase brand awareness and make Hyundai the first-ever automobile company to use a crowd-based market. Speaking about the partnership, Thima Schemera, the Global CMO of Hyundai, said,

“The NFT universe will extend the firm’s brand experience, especially with the MZ generation, in a completely new way, further reinforcing our commitment to innovation in both the real world and in the metaverse”.

Other partnerships include one with Shinsegae Group. Shinsegae is the largest departmental store chain in South Korea and handles millions of products using its nationwide distribution network. Schinsegae and MetaKongz will be releasing special 10,000 PFP NFTs this summer. Apart from being able to be used as profile pictures, the NFTs will also carry different advantages online and even offline in the stores.

Ethereum Vote

Meta Kongz has been built on the Klaytn chain, a highly efficient and economical blockchain that is famous in South Korea. Meta Kongz has already become the most famous Klaytn chain NFT project on OpenSea, the largest NFT marketplace in the world.

Recently, the Meta Kongz team looked into the fact that while Klatyn is efficient and super easy to use, the project was missing out on an international level as non-Korean residents have difficulty accessing it. A proposal was put forward and the governance voting was done on shifting the project from Klatyn to the Ethereum blockchain. With the majority of the votes in favor, the project has now migrated.

With Meta Kongz on Ethereum, it not only allows for a global audience to access it and trade in the limited NFT PFP images but helps expand the community and the value of the project.

The project is already witnessing an upward spiraling demand. The NFTs were initially put for sale at a little more than $100 , but subsequent resales on OpenSea are seeing the NFT images being traded for as high as $17,000.

Breeding and Mutating

Meta Kongz NFTs are more than just 3D images that people can use as their PFP. The project has several features that create entertainment and earning avenues:

  • Breeding Kongz: NFT holders can take two Kongz and breed them for a unique Baby Kong or a voxel. The offspring then can be either nurtured or sold off in the market, creating an earning.
  • MKC: The MeKong Coin underpins the economics of the larger Multi Universe of Meta Kongz. Use the coin to breed Kongz or vote in the governance function.
  • Meta Mutant: Enter an alternate dimension where the high radiation levels have mutated the Meta Kongz into horrible creatures.

Powered by an energetic team that believes in making NFTs that are more than just art, Meta Kongz is a one of a kind project that is creating a completely new universe of practical NFTs that people can not only enjoy, but benefit from too.

With large partnerships and a solid foundation, Meta Kongz’s recent shift to the Ethereum blockchain just may give other projects like Bored Ape Yacht Club a run for their money.

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