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Membrana will support single mothers who will be left alone after the end of World Cup 2018


It is impossible to stay aside when in Russia, the country with most of the Membrana platform team was born and grew up, the World Cup is being held. The FIFA World Cup has been giving and still continues to give unforgettable emotions to the whole world. However, today we would like to draw attention to the other side of this event.

Sex with foreigners is currently the most discussed topic. Russian females, who have been closely communicating with foreign fans, have caused a huge criticism from other Russians who accuse them of improper behavior. Other people, on the contrary, support a woman’s right to have intimate relationships with foreigners. State Duma deputies, popular public figures and bloggers actively discuss this topic; social networks are full of memes and sharp jokes about international relationships.

Love is a beautiful thing. We are very happy about international couples formed during World Cup period. Nevertheless, it is important to understand that any event in such scale increases the number of single mothers who give birth to a child after having a close contact with a foreigner. We will not close our eyes on it; thus, we are going to help women who become single mothers after the World Cup 2018. Now Membrana is holding a cryptocurrency trade competition with a prize pool of $100,000 and a free $100 for each participant. Part of the commission from winning this contest will be paid to help those Russians who will be left alone with the child after contacts with foreigners.

Eugene Buyev, the CEO of Membrana stated: “Why did we pay attention to this situation? Membrana is a platform for trust management of digital assets. The value of our cryptocurrency platform is based on trust and security in financial sphere. Who else but women should feel protected? Each global event in the country where part of our team is from, whether it’s Olympic Games or the World Cup, causes an increase in birth of children who grow up without their fathers. We decided to help these women by providing a share from traders’ profit made during our competition”.

The details on how to receive such financial support will be provided in the nearest future.

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