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Meet NewsCrypto: The Startup That Promises to Boost Your Trading Profits


Since cryptocurrencies first burst onto the scene more than a decade ago, they have widely been acknowledged as one of the most profitable financial assets of all time.

However, although most cryptocurrencies have experienced meteoric growth in recent years, a huge number of cryptocurrency traders have instead lost money on the market—mostly due to their inexperience or lack of knowledge about cryptocurrency or trading.

NewsCrypto, a new platform built by expert cryptocurrency traders, is designed to address this issue by providing the information and tools needed to dominate the market.

Making Profitable Crypto Investments Simple

NewsCrypto is a popular cryptocurrency trading and education platform that is built to help cryptocurrency traders and enthusiasts better understand the market in order to trade smarter and boost their profitability.

The platform is powered by the NewsCrypto token (NWC), a utility token built on the Stellar blockchain, which enables lightning-fast transactions that confirm practically instantly. The NWC token stands at the center of the NewsCrypto platform and can be used for paying membership fees and transferring value within the NewsCrypto ecosystem—among other things.

NewsCrypto offers a staggering array of tools and features which can be used to gain a better understanding of the market structure and underlying factors driving the price action of the hundreds of cryptocurrency markets tracked by the platform.

These tools include practically everything needed to successfully spot and capitalize on profitable trading opportunities, including a built-in charting tool with predefined charts put together by trading experts, in addition to a log of upcoming events with the NewsCrypto coin calendar, and the newly-added hash rate vs price tool for Bitcoin (BTC).

The platform is updated regularly with new features and has a pretty ambitious roadmap set out for the next year, with plans to add a private chat option for users, a crypto alarm system, and launch a demo trading feature which traders can use to hone their skills.

Free to Use, Cheap to Upgrade

Although the vast majority of NewsCrypto’s features are freely accessible to any member, the platform does offer a diverse array of advanced tools and features, which are only available to its premium subscribers.

NewsCrypto currently offers two types of premium membership: intermediate and advanced. Intermediate membership costs 170 NWC per month (~$3.60 at current rates) whereas the advanced upgrade costs 340 NWC per month (~$7.20). To put this into perspective, even NewsCrypto’s feature-complete membership package costs less than half as much as TradingView’s cheapest premium plan—despite offering more features.

20% of these membership fees are burned, permanently reducing the circulating supply of NWC tokens.

By purchasing NewsCrypto premium membership, users unlock a wide range of advanced tools and features, including arbitrage, Bitcoin RSI flow, and sentiment indicator tools for intermediate members, in addition to whale alerts, Mayer bands, and inflow indicators for advanced members.

As you might imagine, the rapid growth of NewsCrypto could quickly lead to a similarly rapid reduction in circulating NWC as the burn rate increases—all while demand for the token continues to climb among NewsCrypto users and speculators. This encourages organic price growth by making NWC harder to come by on third-party exchange platforms.

This system has already seen the NWC token appreciate by 21% since the start of the year, making it one of the best performing small-cap coins in recent months. NewsCrypto also operates the recently announced holder reward campaign to celebrate being listed on a sixth exchange.

As part of the campaign, anybody holding at least 5,000 NWC for 3 months or more during the event period will be eligible to receive a bonus of up to 50,000 NWC. Participants will need to register for the promotion to qualify for rewards.

Avoid Making Rookie Mistakes

NewsCrypto knows that profitable cryptocurrency trading begins by gaining a solid understanding of cryptocurrency markets and trading principles.

For this reason, NewsCrypto has launched its own NewsCrypto School platform, which is designed to provide users with the foundations needed to make cryptocurrency trading a less daunting and more profitable experience.

Though the NewsCrypto School platform, users can access a wide range of short lessons, each of which is designed to cover a different aspect of cryptocurrency trading, ranging from the general basics of cryptocurrencies, to charting and trading strategies, crypto-economics and placing and managing trades on KuCoin—the exchange that sponsored the course.

Each lesson finishes with a short quiz designed to test the learner’s knowledge, and the entire set of lessons can be completed in just a few hours, helping even beginner traders get up to speed quickly.

NewsCrypto even offers free week of advanced membership and a special user rank to its most dedicated students. This helps to encourage users to strengthen their trading knowledge, which should also boost their profitability in the long-run.

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