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MarketPeak – The Community for Tokenized Assets


MarketPeak is a global digital platform that aims to bring Fintech & Blockchain companies together with investors, buyers, and affiliates. The website allows investors to support startups during their early stages. Those who sign up now can participate in the multi-layered Rewards Plan.

Which problem should be solved?

Investors, blockchain companies, and start-ups would like to come together. Most want to invest in to generate high returns from the growing market or because they want to support the new technologies.

The other side is dependent on financial means, but there is a lack of opportunities for far-reaching marketing and good advertising. Young startups often have problems attracting attention in the jungle of crypto companies.

New FinTech companies are springing up almost daily, and investors can’t keep track of them all. In addition, buyers often know little about the subject and are therefore unable to assess exactly which new ideas and technologies have future opportunities.

Not only do bad investments occur more frequently as a result, but this also increases the likelihood of losing money due to fraud. At the same time, investors are not offered attractive conditions and there are no commissions for interested buyers to recommend the product.

Which solution is offered?

This is where MarketPeak comes in. Instead of starting from scratch, each startup can access the platform and present its product to an investment-friendly community.

Investors are not only introduced to the projects, they are also provided with evaluations.

On the platform, the community invests in blockchain-based projects and products. This involves tokenized assets – investments in the form of tokens. In addition to the profit, they also receive a bonus, which can vary depending on the rewards plan.

Startups and companies can use the platform to carry out their ICO or STO. They can offer products such as assets, signals, or hardware wallets.

Finally, the biggest advantage is that the community can invest in FinTech companies, giving them better access to financial resources.

Investors can join during a “Private Sale”. This is the earliest entry into a project, before even the public sale. This gives them the chance to get the asset before anyone else. They are involved right from the start and can profit earlier than others. For registered users, there are also investment discounts and users are rewarded by the unique Rewards Program.

The projects, products, and tokenized assets are checked by experts before they are offered for sale to the community. This protects the community from scams and fraudulent projects.

How does MarketPeak work?

The vision behind MarketPeak is to offer a Fintech platform for blockchain projects and products that offers rewards to the community.

To achieve this, projects are offered at an early stage of sale (private sale, advance sale). Exclusive conditions for the MarketPeak community are negotiated for existing products and services.

In addition, MarketPeak’s focus is to expand the community of investors, buyers and affiliates by placing great emphasis on education. Because it doesn’t help to invest in things you hardly understand. Therefore MarketPeak offers further training in marketing, personality development, and blockchain in its Membership Packages.

The Team

CEO of MarketPeak is Sergej Heck, author, global marketing expert and crypto enthusiast. He is the founder of and Internationally, Sergej is known for building a global sales team within a few months.

CSO David Glades managed portfolios of various assets. He is also known as the “Blockchain Visionary”. He has been involved with crypto currencies since 2014.

Finally, there is Benjamin Bendig, CTO and IT expert at MarketPeak. Most recently, he worked at Blockchain Banking Startup Bitwala before founding Based Global. In total, the team consists of more than 11 members.


MarketPeak convinces investors and buyers alike with its global and digital FinTech platform.

With its organic reach, it offers an excellent infrastructure and a large number of active members so that blockchain projects, assets and products can benefit from scaling advantages.

MarketPeak also has a special reward program. For affiliates there is a total of 5 types of rewards. Taken together, a bonus of 56% of sales is possible. Join the MarketPeak Community now for free!

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