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Mallorca’s premier conference for the digital economy and innovative technologies is happening again in a new format


Mallorca’s premier hybrid conference for the digital economy and innovative technologies is happening again! It will be the first outdoor conference to focus on disruptive technologies and their impact on humans in equal measures.

After a very successful inaugural event in 2019, the organizer ‘DeDays – Animotionon S.L.’ is announcing the second issue of the ‘DeDays’ in Palma de Mallorca on the 15th and 16th of September 2020, which will also be streamed live across the globe. The conference will take advantage of the amazing location of the Purobeach Club Palma de Mallorca which is located close to the airport and only a short ride from the city centre of Palma, overlooking the ocean. The conference brings together companies, investors and creative minds from all branches of the digital economy with a strong commitment to Diversity and Inclusion.

Following the “Fun in the Sun” idea, an outstanding program has been planned for a maximum of 100 participants of the ‘DeDays 2020’. Beyond a multitude of keynote speakers that will present their respective projects and best practices from a wide range of industries, the attendees will have the opportunity to meet and connect with entrepreneurs, companies, investors and opinion leaders.

Apart from the declared objective to be fully inclusive with at least 50% female speakers ‘DeDays’ has three major announcements to make:

Firstly, to fight scammers and to ensure top-notch quality of both speakers and projects, ‘DeDays’ have teamed up with the most respected Scam-Hunter in the disruptive tech space: On Yavin and his team at Cointelligence will vet every speaker and every project that plans to exhibit and sponsor, thus ensuring the highest level of quality for any conference in 2020. Therefore the ‘DeDays’ are THE international networking event of high-quality, high-impact providing its participants with real added value.

Secondly, the event will be streamed live on the VirBELA platform, an immersive virtual world for events, learning, and work, thus ensuring that everybody will be able to participate albeit the limited number of on-site tickets and current travel restrictions.

Thirdly, “The event’s organizers bring along many years of experience in the subject areas and contribute their entire know-how and existing international network – the most important thing and aimed approach is: From practitioners for practitioners”, comments Reinhold Lang, one of the organizers, on the philosophy behind the conference.

In addition to the actual event days, the ‘DeDays’ welcome interested participants to an extensive pre- and post-event program. Attendees of the event will have the opportunity to bring their families, network in advance and/or stay for a few days after the conference.

Due to last years demand, the organizers will provide a program for everyone to ensure that Human and Machine will make good on its implied promise of a better future. The side program will include yoga, meditation, walking tours, sailing excursions, boat parties, a golf tournament, a wine tasting, several parties and a full program during the event for spouses and kids.

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