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Maksim Krupyshev will be one of the speakers for Bitcoin Marathon


The speaker for Login Casino’s bitcoin-marathon will be Maksim Krupyshev, the founder of the cryptocurrency exchange Cubits

If you are one of those, keen on the topic of cryptoindustry, if you are interested in finding out as much information about bitcoin as possible, if you are planning to start working with the most popular cryptocurrency in the world but you have no idea what to start with, then Login Casino’s bitcoin-marathon is the event for you.

Over the next three months leading experts in the industry will be speaking about bitcoin, the risks connected with it, how to start working with “digital gold”, and what to expect from the cryptocurrency market in the near future. They will answer all the questions of concern to those, who wish to be a part of one of the most popular topics of the day, and they will share their knowledge and forecasts as well.

One of the speakers for bitcoin-marathon will be Maksim Krupyshev. This expert is a cofounder of the cryptocurrency exchange Cubits, organizer of Satoshi Square Ukraine regular meetings, creator of the digital wallet Fruitwallet for iOS. The topic our expert is going to elaborate on is “What is bitcoin? How cryptocurrency operates in casino and why gambling needs it.”

Don’t miss the opportunity to take part in one of the most eagerly anticipated events – bitcoin-marathon! Register for it today!

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