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Magi celebrates his first anniversary with online events and a lottery!


The unique Coin of the Magi celebrates his first anniversary today! Happy Birthday Magi!

Coin Magi (XMG) is an online payment system, enabling instant payments to anyone in the world without needing an intermediary. With Coin Magi, anyone in the world can issue digital coins through their personal computers and a software-based minting process. Coin Magi removes the competitive nature of minting and offers an even playing field for anyone looking to issue currencies without expensive equipment. Coin Magi distinguishes itself from other counter parties by its fairness, cost effective and energy efficiency in maintaining the operation of the system.

Magi had a fantastic year behind it. It was successfully launched on September 15, 2014. This unique currency started without IPO and Premine. Magi is not the typical cloned altcoin, its unique algo, block reward system and PoS II make it one-of-a-kind. Magi is designed to be energy efficient on the whole, through a variety of dynamic adjustment mechanisms as well as its focus on the CPU mining. The general design concept is to reduce energy consumption constantly PoW. The use of hybrid PoW / PoS in the mean time Secures the network. At this moment the team is working on improvements and new developments.

To celebrate the 1st birthday the team organized some online events. For those into gaming there’s a competition with 1,000 XMG and 500 XMG prizes, organized by The Fruits Clan, taking place tomorrow 17:30 GMT in Minecraft. All are welcome to join and play for a chance to win. Another event worth a mention is the special birthday lottery. At the time of writing the pot pot is already over 1,100 XMG and it will be assigned to three lucky winners. More initiatives may be announce soon on the socials, so make sure to check the links at the end of this article.

The growing Magi community is extremely friendly and strong. Magi aims to grow into a currency which is indispensable in the world of digital currencies. The purpose of  Magi is to co-operate together with all the crypto enthusiasts and novices to build on the future of Magi and digital currency. During the first year Magi has achieved many important goals. The energy of the team and the community gives the coin the opportunity to build a strong and stable future. Within the community there is no avarice. The use and the fair grow of Magi always has the highest priority!

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