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Login Casino launches a new project – Login Casino TV


Login Casino is ready to announce great news for its readers! From now, each of you will get a unique opportunity to keep track of the game industry events not only through their website. Login Casino launches its own TV channel. They are introducing a special landing-webpage, which will broadcast all their current events online.

Login Casino conducts webinars, interviews, press conferences and awards ceremonies on a regular basis, and anyone can take part in them. Their guests are industry experts, lawyers, managers of large gaming companies, representatives of betting shops and other specialists.

“Gaming business is one of the fastest developing industries in the world. Integration of innovative technologies, development of new markets, up-to-date events in the gambling sphere – our readers are interested in all of these items, and our main aim is to highlight the truly interesting events. We do not want to stay out of the latest news of such a dynamic industry, that is why we decided to create our own TV channel, which will help our readership stay informed now and here,” said Login Casino.

The guests of Login Casino’s upcoming events will be:

  • Maksim Krupyshev, Head of Game Customer Service at Cubits. The expert has over 4 years of experience working with cryptocurrencies and 2 years of experience working in the gaming sector;
  • Alexey Tsymbal, EtherSport Project Manager. The speaker has extensive experience in entrepreneurship and integration of innovative technologies in business;
  • Sergey Bondarenko, senior manager of consulting department, Deloitte. The expert has over 20-year experience in the sphere of IT and telecommunications.

Do not miss the opportunity to take part in Login Casino events on the most interesting and current topics.





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