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Limau DAO Launches Investment Ecosystem Powered by NFTs


Limau is an exciting DAO ecosystem that rewards its NFT holders from the revenue the project generates from its soon to be vast investment portfolio.

Community members will gain access to a large  investment portfolio covering multiple industries including real estate, timber and forestry, manufacturing, mining, pharmaceuticals and more.

Fusing Real-world Businesses and NFTs

Stock markets, cryptocurrencies, unit trusts, and P2P lending are oftentimes overly complex for the average investor. Moreover, gaining access and monitoring these investments is a challenge.

Limau makes it easier for investors to access these investment assets and share in the profits. Through NFT sales, Limau will utilize the funds to acquire businesses and build development projects so as to generate profits for the community. Other benefits to investors include voting and governance rights over the projects, stable payouts, lower overheads, and a lower minimum investment.

By enabling fractional ownership of the ecosystem’s rewards, Limau NFT holders are able to gain access to the investment ecosystem by holding Limau NFTs. Each NFT offers unique benefits to holders including guaranteed returns of up to 25% over a period of 3 years. Moreover, holders will receive full principal pay-back in the form of $LIMAU Tokens. So you will receive back the money invested on top of the guaranteed APY and other bonus payments.

First NFT Project -K70

The first NFT project under Limau covers a residential development in Asia with a total of 70 single-storey semi-detached houses. The company is targeting to raise USD3.5 million via the sale of 14 000 Limau NFTs.

Limau, however, is looking to reward owners of the NFTs with a percentage of the entire property ecosystem. NFT returns are automated through smart contracts that execute annual APY payments in USDT. 

Other benefits to holders include;

  • Staking rewards for Limau Tokens of  68% APY
  • Principal-back airdrop in the form of $Limau Tokens
  • Lucky draw tickets for a chance to win a house, metaverse land, a Tesla, etc
  • Entry into exclusive competitions and events
  • DAO voting rights for each voting proposal put forth
  • Whitelist for free-mint special collaboration NFTs and PFPs


Limau NFT DAO is a decentralized autonomous organization that will determine the future projects undertaken by Limau. A dedicated Limau team will select the first two projects. However, Limau NFT DAO community members will exercise their voting rights to determine which projects Limau will undertake next.

Backed by a diverse team of experts in digital finance, business, construction and real estate, Limau focuses on viable and profitable projects and businesses that deliver high yields to the community. The team is working closely with several partners across various industries to outsource quality development and investment projects that will create profitable opportunities for the community.

Limau will release more information about its developments and upcoming campaigns leading to the official minting. Feel free to follow Limau on Twitter and join their Discord for all the latest information.

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